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Allright, first thing first. Ever wonder why there is an auction house in the first place?  Is it for trading purpose only?  Nope it’s not, it’s a tool –  a powerful one if you know how to use it properly. I’m amazed with the fact that there are so many people who just simply ignore the Auction House. 

So you want to be wealthy in game, having that access to extra gold make things easy and blah blah blah… we all know that. Let’s face it, we’re all shopaholic to an extend. You want easy gold without so much hard work or lengthy farming, so in turns you go to the next gold selling website.  But if you re-think back and use some common sense, do you really want to use real money to buy gold? The more gold you buy, the more addicted you will be, it’s like a cocaine in WoW world! You just keep using your money to buy gold for those extra epic gems, BoE gears , twinks, alts, the list goes on.  You may get in trouble for it sooner or later. I will explain in more details later – you will find out how gold companies make money and how it put other players into trouble.

So, my recommendation is, stay away from it. With a tiny bit of work you can turn the Auction House into your in game money machine!

Starting this week, we will be placing a lot of tips here. Put it to use, and join the force of the wealthy WoW’ers no matter where you are.

Tip #1:  Start a level 1 characters from both factions (YES you read that right, so whether you are a gnome hater or a orc hater, doesn’t matter).

Tip #2: Get to the closest major city and run to it. I recommend starting either an Orc or Troll on horde side, and the easiest for Alliance faction is to start it on the Human side.

Tip #3: Download or install an Auctioneer or Auctionator addon from Curse. There are some other similar addons such as Auction Master or Auction Lite. But the primary functions of these addons are generally the same.  RUN it only on your level 1s characters. These addons take some memory, and if you are running an ancient PC, you may experience a lot of lags if you run these on your Main Characters.

Tip #4: Run the scanner so that your auctioneer has some database of items pricing in the Auction House. This is useful when you buy and re-sell items.

Tip #5:  We’ll cover that next time.