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Donald asks…

Will the PsVita be able to download PsP games via the store?

I’ve been interested in buying a psp since I got a Nintendo ds, but never had the money. I want to know if I would be able to buy games from the old library via the Ps Store. Would I be able to buy playstation games too? Pros and cons?

This is sort of irrelevant, but I already have 3ds and want to have both since they both have interesting features and games that make then unique.
Will they be the same price they were when they released or a reduced price?

Sitatara answers:

You can find the full specs on the Vita here:

The PSV will have dual analog sticks and different memory so they’re trying to make more recent games compatible with that right now. If you look at the list of games available for it, it’s hardly inspiring. There are literally thousands of UMD games out there which are cheap and have resell value. Once you download a game (which costs extra) there’s nothing to resell. There’s no way to know how much they’ll charge for games but I would expect to pay a bit more than usual because of the newer controls/features.

Chris asks…

Can you play PSP games downloaded form the Japanese PSN on a US PSP?

Will games downloaded from the JP PSN work on a US PSP? Is there anything that needs to be done so that a JP game can be played on my PSP?

Sitatara answers:

No suht up

John asks…

How can I hack my psp to play PSX and ISO games if the firmware is 6.37?

Alright so my psp has a 6.37 firmware unhacked and I want to be able to play ps1 games and regular psp games on it. But I don’t know how to hack it. My psp is also a slim 3000 so I don’t know what to do. I need an expert to help me step by step. This is like a life death situation. HELP NEEDED please.

Sitatara answers:

1-update to 6.39 or 6.60.
2-upgrade to 6.39pro-B9 or 6.60pro-B9
3-install popsloader plugins to play PS1 game.

the tutorial you can search at youtube.

Laura asks…

How to transfer PSP Games in memory card?

Hi, uhm, so I downloaded PSP Games from my Mac & I want to put it in my PSP, can someone tell me how? I tried researching and they said that I need a firmware, can someone tell me what a firmware is also? Thanks in advance!

Sitatara answers:

Firmware is the operating system of the PSP.Of Course you need a custom firmware.Usually all the new psp’s come in ofw or official firmware which is created by sony.Piracy isn’t allowed in this firmware.So you can’t see your iso/cso’s.iso is The image of a umd.easily its a rip of umd.So if you want to run these games you’ll need a cfw{custom firmware}like 5.50 gen d3,5.00 m33-6,6.60 tn pro b9{latest}.You should contact a pro to Install These firmwares.DON’T DO IT BY YOURSELF.if you are not careful enough,you will get a brick.After installing cfw put your iso/cso’s in the iso folder.If you dont have any iso folder just create one.
P.S:piracy isn’t supported by SONY.

Michael asks…

What are PSP games with good level editors?

I enjoy LBP PSP and Halo:Reach Forging, as well as Minecraft. I would like to get back into playing my PSP, does anybody know any games with good level editors like that for the psp?

Sitatara answers:

As far as im aware there are no level editors for the PSP on the PSP itself. You would have to get custom firmware for the PSP (which voids warranty) then you would have to create the levels etc. On a PC and place them within the game folders on the PSP storage and somehow encode them to be recognized by the system. Little tip: Just get a PC level editor and stick with that

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