Your Questions About Farmville Cheats

Chris asks…

every time i put in a cheat code on farmville it disapears. how do i make it stop?

ok so i recently learned about using cheats on farmville using cheat engine 5.5 but every time i put one in and it goes trough i refresh the page and every thing i did is gone the money and every thing plz i need mad help

Sitatara answers:

You can try this one

Nancy asks…

is there any cheats/hacks in farmville?

i have been lookin for a long time but these didn’t work any more…
so plz can u help?

Sitatara answers:

Most “cheats” are full of viruses and spyware and some require you to do a survery that doesn’t work.beware downloading anything and remember that if you are caught using any cheats your account can be deleted.

William asks…

cheats or tricks for farmville?

i have been playing it for a while but im going very slow i need glitches and cheats and tricks

Sitatara answers:

You can get more glitch,cheats,tips,tricks and many more about farmville facebook game at here

Carol asks…

does anyone know any farmville for facebook coin cheats?

i am NOT giving my face book password or account name away

Sitatara answers:

The Farmville Guide has the best strategies out there to level up and gain money in Farmville.
You can download it here:

Free of cost. :)

Mandy asks…

are there any cheats that still work on farmville? just for FV cash tho! i have everything eles covered?

Sitatara answers:

The free way to get farmville cash is to level up. Each time you level up, you will receive one farmville dollar. So the key is to find ways of leveling up quickly to accumulate those farmville dollars. This site has some tips and tricks for accomplishing that goal:

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