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Joseph asks…

Tekken Dark Resurrection for PSP?

ok, the Gamespot reviews said it is a SPETACULAR GAME and its rated 9.2 as SUPERB. I also saw pics of it of bowling ,is it true?Anyways, is it true that people are usually on for challenging?And will u ever get bored of it sooner or later?I need u all!

Sitatara answers:

Tk:DR is a great game imo. There are several side-games like Bowling (as you had mentioned), as well as Gold Rush, Time Attack, Command Attack, Dojo matches, etc.

There are a myriad of customization options too, letting you choose many accessories and costumes for your characters.

It’s a good game if you want to just play a few matches while waiting for the subway/bus/train/plane… Or if you want to play for a couple of hours. There’s a lot of replayability too, since there are many characters to choose from and a lot of technicality and strategies to use. On the contrary to many views, Tekken is not a button-mashing game… It is very deep and has a long learning curve that keeps things interesting.

Unfortunately, Tk:DR on PSP is not online… So you can’t challenge other people directly, unless you use the Ad-Hoc function with a friend. You can however download and install Tekken Ghosts, “mirrored” characters that belong to real world players, but contolled by the computer.

The only complaint that I have about Tk:DR on PSP is the controls… Many moves are done with angles, like DF (Down+Forward) or within a combination like F,D,DF (Forward, Down, Down+Forward). This is very difficult to do, especially in the heat of a fight. The D-pad and/or analog controller just isn’t the same as an arcade joystick!

But since Tk:DR is on the Sony Platinum Games list, you can find one for really cheap now. I took a look on Ebay and found some for about $10. Keep in mind, that Tk6 is coming later this year to home consoles (PS3, Xbox360, PSP), so it might not be a bad idea to wait a few months for this highly anticipated release.

Well, just my thoughts~ *sound of 2 pennies hitting the table*

Happy gaming!


Steven asks…

cam i get different skins for wipout pure on my psp?

i wanna get new ones im tierd of the ones it came with i dont know how to get new ones and can i get help on it but dont tell me gamefaqs or gamespot or any cheats or gamefaqs sight ok thanx

Sitatara answers:

You can download them from the games site:

Lizzie asks…

which syphon filter game is better for psp?

i wanna buy one yet i cant decide.. dark mirror has a better score in gamespot but logan’s shadow is the new one..

Sitatara answers:

It is better than Socom, but if you like military games than get Socom. I have beaten both and here’s what i think. The level design and the gameplay is better in Logan’s Shadow but Dark Mirror is longer and cheaper. There isn’t much replay value in either, and i doubt anyone is playing online in Logan’s Shadow anymore. Just get Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker it is way better. I have already played 40 hours with that game and i haven’t beaten it fully

Donald asks…

a very good action/adventure game for psp?

im looking for a game i was thinking in tomb raider but gamespot said is just good

Sitatara answers:

Why don’t you try Monster Hunter.

Their developers are moving to wii.. Due to ps3 development costs… But this game is just Awesome…. My friends play it for hours…

Ruth asks…

Omg I’m like super stokedm/ Kingdom Hearts games on DS on PSP!?

This is true right? Gamespot says so. At gamespot look up ‘kingdom hearts ds’
So now for some discussion:

How much do you like the 3 previous games, I beat the 2 console ones front to back.
I think they both have suprisingly deep stories for being partly Disney liscenced.
I pre ordered the 2nd one and got the limited 3 in thick walkthrough manual. And you?
That is exactly what I said Toilet Finger.
I hate all things Disney, and yeah Goofy is too damn annoying, but I really recommend it, the story is WAY to complicated for little ones to understand so don’t right it off as a kiddy just yet.
Rent it to see if you like it.

Sitatara answers:

Yes, it’s true~. We get three new games. KH: Birth by Sleep for the PSP, KH: 358/2 Days for the Nintendo DS, and KH: Coded for mobile phones :3. Birth by Sleep is about the Keyblade War, and 358 Days is about Roxas’ time in the Organization :D. KH: Coded’s just, like, a puzzle game, so, I’m not too sure about that one…

I loved the first three games; I did NOT expect a game that was half disney to be so GOOD. I usually hate Disney, but DAMN! Kindgom Hearts was…. Just, wow. It was a great game; heart-tugging story, unforgetable characters… And, it was a FUN game, too :3!

I played Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II to the end; I haven’t gotten to play KH:CoM yet… I’m hoping KH2FM+ comes to the US, so I can play it on the PS2 XDD….

Can’t wait for the new ones; hope they come out soon~.

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Donald asks…

Almost out of a 4.5 year relationship…it hurts alot. Any ideas? Should I move on?

I ended it on wednesday because I am so tired of us fighting. me trying to resolve everything. Telling him how I felt and him not giving a s?!? about it! It hurt. I was so tired. i was tired of saying sorry and never hearing it from him. From him doing everything he wanted without considering my feelings and me doing everything considering our relationship. imagine he got mad at me on Monday cause I thought something was wrong with him and insisted asking him what was wrong. He said I annoyed him! i annoyed him because I was preoccupied with him???!?!? Does that make any sense?

We talked over what was happening on Wednesday and I called it off. I am tired of trying. i love him dearly but can’t tae it anymore. He called yesterday. But I didn’t return his call. i have changed my status on Facebook. he hasn’t yet.

is he gonna try to change and make things work out? or should I move on and stop having hopes? I love him, but I can’t stay in a relationship where every week we fight.

And to top all this is off, i work a stupid job 9,5 hours low pay and stupid boss. having to go to work is horrifying and with this even more. i feel like dying. Like packing my stuff and starting a new life somewhere else. Gosh.

thank you!

Sitatara answers:

You were right to leave this relationship. Your first priority and loyalty should be to yourself, and this was wearing you down, bringing you down, and causing you pain. When someone you love doesn’t feel your relationship is important enough to work on, compromising and caring for you, it makes you feel insecure – like maybe he is not as committed as you are, maybe he doesn’t care enough.

That is why you always wondered if something was wrong with him. You were insecure and always needed reassurance. That comes off as needy. I am sure he just felt annoyed by it – that is my guess about what he meant when he said that. But, in a caring relationship he wouldn’t have said it at all. He would have reassured you as often as you needed it.

He will not change – not immediately anyway. Nobody changes unless they have to to get what they want. If you want to continue a relationship with him, make sure you have some “rules” about what you expect from someone and be specific and make sure he knows the boundaries. Like when you ask what is wrong, he reassures you instead of saying you annoy him.

It sounds like you have been too giving and nice, and have “spoiled” him. I know you did it because you love him, but in the process I think he may have begun to take you for granted. Love is a funny thing. You can love someone, but understand at the same time that a long term relationship with them will not work. You just have to decide what you want in life. Your choices: live without him and live with out fighting and hurting, or stay “with” him and fight and hurt.

Someone once said (and I believe it) that we teach other people how to treat us. If we stay, and allow them to say mean things and fight with us, we are teaching them that is what we want from them.

Stay strong. Do what is right for you, make your own choices and learn from your mistakes. Good luck.

Daniel asks…


I want to increase my vocabulary, not massively! But everyday use like “sanctuary” , “keeping up with ones strides” etc!
I tend to go on urban dictionary alot to look up some words people would use on their facebook status to know what they mean! lol
Any ideas

Sitatara answers:

You can try reading Reader’s Digest magazine or try some online Vocabulary quiz. I have given one link below for the Vocabulary Quizzes with answers

Michael asks…

Coming out….It’s kinda dark in here?

My friend recently asked details on how he could come out. I gave him what I thought would help, but he is still scared to come out. I suggested a quick Facebook status, sorta like Ricky Martin, and then going to take a nap. Could you give me ideas to tell him. Maybe what he could say on Facebook. His parents know, but he wants the school to know so he can date a special someone.

Sitatara answers:

Tell him NOT to put it on Facebook until he’s done it in person. Have him start with his parents. Tell him that it may be terrifying, but eventually it’ll eat at him until he goes insane. Tell him to just sit them down and let it all out. They may not accept it at first but eventually they will. As for the rest of the world, he’s obviously told you, so that’s a start. Just start it as a rumor. When the two of you are in a group, lead a conversation in that direction(talking of gays and such) and then just ask him a question about what it’s like or whatever. When I came out I just told someone as a random joke and they were like “ok cool” and when she wanted to tell others I let her.

Sharon asks…

My boyfriends relationship status changed please read?

He recently added me on Facebook and it said HE changed his relationship but I never got a request so i went on his Profile and in the comments they were talking about me so this gives me the idea he sent it? It didn’t show “In a relationship with” and my name or anyone Else’s I would like to know how to find the request or whats going on? Thanks:)

Sitatara answers:

You will get a notification if he sends you a request.
Just go onto your page go into edit profile then go onto friends and family where you change your relationship status and send him a request :)

James asks…

Do you think this is a good idea?

Facebook status?? Like this status and I will post to your wall a reason why I am thankful to have you in my life(: good idea? Or stupid? Should I reword it?

Sitatara answers:

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Richard asks…

whats something to make my facebook status as?

i know this is a dum question but i need help! i need a really good status! something that a bunch of people will like?(:

Sitatara answers:

Here is a couple good sites for FaceBook Statuses.


Here is also a good Facebook Banner sites.


Mary asks…

Easy facebook question 10 pts… (Wall messages)?

Some girls said that they wanted my penis etc, and I got family added on my facebook and I dont want them to see that. How do I hide them? Is there like a option where I can hide the status from some people?

I dont want to delete the messages because the girls would think im mean, but yeah please help…

Sitatara answers:

Delete and tell the girls you have family added?

Nancy asks…

Facebook question help?

My question is how can I prevent people on my friend’s list from seeing what pictures I ‘like‘,what statuses I ‘like‘ and what statuses I comment on from appearing in the news feed/recent activity/home page thing would be appreciated for answers thank you!

Sitatara answers:

Good Question!!! And the answer is:
you cant. -__-
sorry :
The new facebook shows everything >:(
i’m not really liking it myself either.

William asks…

Is it possible to block questions from certain categories?

I answer tons of questions in the Computer section, and I sometimes see very annoying questions such as “OMG what should my fb status be?!”. I would really like to block questions just from the Facebook category from my view of questions. If this is possible, please tell me what to do. Thanks for any help. ?

Sitatara answers:

No lol you just gotta ignore them..or go in a specific subcategory..I feel your pain, though…

Lizzie asks…

what could my status on facebook be?

i just broke up with my boyfriend. i want everyone to know that i didnt get dumped, but the other way around. so i wanna post a status on facebook saying something like ‘girls dont need boys’ or something similar to show that im not sad. what could i say?
no rude comments please, i just want the answer to my question. thank you.

Sitatara answers:

How bout not caring what other people think? Besides, why would you want people to know that you dumped him? In my experience, people are more compassionate to the dumped then to the dumpee…..

How bout, “Life is good! And I’m happy!” 😀

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Chris asks…

where can you find daughter phone tapping mom about farmville/ facebook on elvis duran show?

on elvis duran show , heard daughter phone tap mom about mom being on farmville…where can i find that clip … tried you tube and no luck and elvis duran web site

Sitatara answers:


Sandra asks…

How do I block requests to things like farmville on facebook?

I get them all time Im tired if it I dont play games like that

Sitatara answers:

<3<3<3 I just got free 310 fv cash from this website <3<3<3<3<3<3 <3<3<3<3<3<3

Jenny asks…

How do I make the Facebook Farmville game to get bigger?

For some reason, the full screen button is off the screen

Sitatara answers:

If you don’t like the full screen button, hold Ctrl and tap + several times to enlarge the screen. To minimize it, hold Ctrl and tap – several times.

Carol asks…

how do i get a spring basket in farmville on facebook?

i have a lot of spring eggs but can’t put them anywhere cuz it says i need a spring basket. where do i get that? it also said that i can find it in my gift box. i looked in my gifts and there was nothing there.

Sitatara answers:

If you can still buy the farmville spring basket it will be in the market. If it is not there you mizssed the chance to buy it.

Joseph asks…

How do I earn more farm cash on farmville? (Facebook)?

Alright so I just started the “farmville” app on facebook, and wanted to know how you earn more farmville cash (not the points) and how do you sell your items? Like when you crop things, they grow… do you sell them after they’ve grown?
P.S How do I earn more “farm cash” without buying it with a credit card? I heard that you play games to earn more cash?

Sitatara answers:

When the plants grow you just click on them and you will “harvest” them and it sells them for coins. If you want to get more farmville “cash” then you need to gain levels. The best way to do this is to follow my guide:

Which will tell you what plants have the best coins/hour of time. Enjoy and best of luck at farmville.

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Joseph asks…

What are some good websites (little flash games/online games) on the internet?

I am super bored… I am banned from Habbo (dont ask why).. Runescape is pretty boring and I am not really satisfied with anime atm… I really liked this asian drama that I watched called “Hana Kimi” so if you guys have any asian dramas to recommend, I would be happy to look into it :)

I want to find an awesome online game where u get to dress ur character, make friends, and decorate your room. I do not want to download anything or pay for anything. I dont want it to look funky either or whatever. I would like a game where u can move around and it is in 3D.

I am pretty bored atm moment though. Like I said earlier, I am open to suggestions or whatev. I am a 15 year old girl so please dont say something dumb like club penguin please >.< thank you. 😀
I signed up for Maple story a few days ago but you have to download it…

Sitatara answers:

If you like puzzles, Puzzle Pirates. It’s actually amazing. If you like MMORPGs (like Runescape) try Maplestory

Lizzie asks…

Looking for a certain game.?

It was kind of like a puzzle game….
The character was this weird girl person….
Well all of the characters look like those people you see on the bathroom door for males and females, except 3D…..

The daughter wanted to leave I think, and her mom was like sick or something..
I think the mom ended up killing herself….

Anyway it was kind of like the house had a mind of its own and stuffs….

(Please help…)

Sitatara answers:

You need Sherlock Holmes to help you figure this one out. Sorry

Nancy asks…

Super Nintendo 64 Game I Can’t Remember! xD?

Okay so I’m kinda addicted (not really) to Nintendo 64 games again because I got an emulator to play on, and I’m looking for a game … Problem is, I don’t know the title. -.-. All I can remember is that it’s an adventure game, not fighting like Mortal Combat haha. There’s a bear looking character, I forgot if he’s the main character or not.. But he was either on the evil or good side. The most memorable or the part I remember MOST, is that there’s a scene where a girl is caught, a bad guy puts her in this cell or something, and close it on her, when they open it, the girl is upset and scared because her face changes (she was supposed to be like a “freak” type now” then thy take her away and I think the point of the game is to save her. The characters in this are 3D cartoon looking (like Super Mario type) and I’m sorry I haven’t played this since I was like 11 or something, the game used to scare me so much with the girl scene, but thank you for any suggestions! :)

Sitatara answers:

I know what you’re talking about!

Let me gather my memory first! Lol

BANJO? Is that the one you are talking about???

Sharon asks…

What should I do my project on [ Urgent ] ?

Well, I’m a girl in sixth grade. I’m supposed to have a question and do a whole project on it. But I don’t know what to do! I like Vocaloid! Hatsune Miku, Rin Kagamine, CUL, GUMI, SF-A2 Miki, Kaito Shion, etc. I wanna do something where I can make something, like you know in 1st-2nd grade you do a volcano and it erupts? Like that. Handmade. But I want to do something that interests me! Something about 3D Models or video games or just Technology! I keep looking and looking and NOTHING interests me. I feel lost.

About the question thing it’s sort of like, ‘Is Air or Water a better Medium for Sound to Travel In?’ then you answer it with visual arts (pictures), answering the question (essay), and anything else to get you First Prize! Please help. I need to get started on this thing. Thanks for the comments/answers. :’D ?

Sitatara answers:


These are the songs that’s related to school subjects.

Solution 1 Geography:

Ever heard of Megurine Luka? She sings ‘double lariat’ If you see the translation, double lariat is actually about the earth.

The earth rotates in it’s axis, a bit 23,5 degrees, and it also teaches you not to give up. Maybe you should make a presentation or make a globe. How long would Earth keep on spinning, had the earth improve in the last few years? Like that…


Solution 2 Science:

Ever heard Paradichlorobenzene? By Kagamine Len, and the answer song to that is by Rin, Anti-Chlorobenzene

So, it’s more or less a compound *Oh God, how can I explain this to a 6th grader?* C6H4Cl2 Yea~ It’s complicated. Wikipedia would help you.

Paradichlorobenzene is used to kill bacterias / moth. Question: What are ways on how to kill bacterias? Not sure on where to buy paradichlorobenzene, but, maybe you could make amoebas or something *Oh God, that’s lame. Ignore this solution DX*

Solution 3 Science:

Ever heard of Japan’s nuclear meltdown? It’s a trending topic. Rin’s song ‘Meltdown – Nuclear Fusion’ is about that. The lyrics are ‘I want to jump in to a nuclear reactor’.

Maybe you should make the nuclear thing and explain about it (google will help) what caused the Japan’s meltdown? It’s because of the heat. Yea~

And maybe add Japan’s flag, SAVE JAPAN!!! XD This proves to your teachers that YOU care. LOL

Solution 4 Social Studies / History:

Ever heard of New Millenium by Kagamine Len? That song is about human’s selfishness. We know that there are wars, technology, but we keep on doing… Bad things. Human’s evolution. Maybe a diagram, from early humans -> advanced technology. How had the human develop?

Powerpoint presentation, oh yeah!


Okay. I’m also doing a project, ICT project. I use Rin & Len there. ‘My favorite character in video games’ is the topic.

Maybe this’d give you inspiration? I made it using MS powerpoint. I’m not done yet though ><

Good luck on yours =D Hope I helped somehow XD

Mandy asks…

Would you date me based on looks and personality? (pics)?

It’s kind of annoying that everyone just assumes I’m a preppy ***** as soon as I meet them because I apparently look like one? I’m not though… I’m into guy things I swear I’m like a guy trapped in a girls body Im obsessed with motorcycles and cars I can work fix and ride them I love video games I play cod lol and I just hang out with guy friends all the time girls pretty much hate me though because of my personality like its to much for them to handle or something? Idk whatever fck it… But seriously what can I do to fix this? lol anyways heres what I look like…

Sitatara answers:

Not only ya but hell ya!!

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Ruth asks…

Is it stupid if I keep playing the World of Warcraft free trial?

Ok so I can’t subscribe to any MMO’s because I don’t yet have a job but World of Warcraft looks so awesome, would it be stupid if I just keep playing World of Warcrafts free trial?

Sitatara answers:

Well i think you should just pay the 16 bucks a month and reap all the good things that come out of making a full acount, remember you cant invite, get past lvl 20 and do all the good things the game has to offer, you dont know what you’ve been missing out on, seriously, but hey if you cant afford it at all, then who cares, play the trial, good luck

Also i forgot to mention that there are rewards sites out there that you can join and if you can recruit 4 ppl to do an offer, then you can get a 60 day wow time card, there are sites like, ‘so you could post all over forums and stuff, some ppl even do ads on ebay to get sign ups, be imaginative and you can make more than just your 60 day card

Sandra asks…

Upgrading my trial World of Warcraft account

Ok, I just finished my trial WoW account and have bought the £9.99 upgrade key from their website. They said it may take up to 72 hours for my account to be fully upgraded. What I want to know is that does this upgrade come with the 30 days free play? Or do I need to now subscribe or buy a game card?

Thanks in advance guys.
And I WILL be choosing a best answer

Sitatara answers:

I think that you’re trial account has upgraded to another 30 days trial but it’s still trial, i think…. And if you want to play it you have to buy the WoW game and game card just like all do…..

Richard asks…

World of Warcraft : Trial version to Subscription?

I just got done playing a 2 week trial of WoW, so obviously I want to keep playing. Should I buy the game (plus Burning Crusade) from the store, or use a credit card online?
If I buy the game from the store, will I be able to move it to a different computer later? And should I delete the trial game files from the computer, and just install the new game fresh?

Sitatara answers:

The plus side to if you buy it from the store you will have the CDs to reinstall the game.

If you have already download the game and buy it that way, you have to burn the install files to CD/DVDs so that you can install on another computer. If you deleted the install files, you may have to redownload them on the other computer.

I prefer having the CDs of the game and would get them from the store.

The other note is that when you do install on to another computer, you will have to install the patches but the plus side is that it keeps all your info on the Blizzard server, so you dont have to worry about your characters or putting the code to install WOW. Now any addons you have you will have to copy over from the other computer or redownload them.

Joseph asks…

Does anyone know of a working World of Warcraft trial that I can get for free off the internet?

If anyone does please post me a link.

Sitatara answers:

In case you’re still looking for it, try fileplanet.

I think that’s what you want :)

Sandy asks…

I am trying to download the world of warcraft trial but it takes too long.?

Can anyone give me some advice on what I should do. I know it’s not my connection because it usually is great. But I just don’t understand why I’ve had to wait 7 hours for the download to get to 9% it’s taking way too long. Has this happened to anyone else or is it just me.

Sitatara answers:

If its taking that long then why don’t you just stream the game? After you sign up for you account it asks if you want to download the full client or stream the game. When you stream it, you download about 200 MB of files and it downloads the rest while you play, i did it and rarely saw slowdown while playing, unless i went into a new zone on the map. You don’t need the full client until you buy the game, at which time you can just install from the CD.

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Laura asks…

How do I get Frostwire off my computer permanently?

I deleted every file I could find on my computer that’s related to frostwire and went on my merry way. Couple hours later I got to download something from the internet and frostwire comes back trying to download the thing for me and ruining it. How do I delete everything frostwire has on my computer so it will stay gone, it’s wrecking my computer and slowing it down.

Sitatara answers:

When deleting programs, you should always use the uninstaller to uninstall the program. Typical modern day installers for Windows can be found in the Add or Remove Programs. START > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. If Frostwire is no longer listed on it since you attempted to delete it by deleted it otherwise, you may have to install Frostwire again and then use Add or Remove Programs to fully delete it.

Ruth asks…

How do you get rid of Ask search engine and frostwire toolbar?

So i had frostwire and then i deleted the program from my computer (via control panel), but i still have a frostwire tool bar and an ask search engine that i got after initially downloading the program.
Does the toolbar mean frostwire still has a presence in my computer, because i want to thoroughly delete it.

Sitatara answers:

Frostwire may still have a few files left behind i have found some games and such keep files when deleted so i suggest running search selecting search in computer and searching for frostwire
and go to add/remove and check for frostwire related stuff and the ask toolbar there
also that person who said opera/google chrome where the most user friendly is wrong(though at least they aren’t recommending safari) there opera is nothing compared to Mozilla firefox (i run both and not i.e) but im not sure about chrome since i never bothered to run it since firefox works perfectly for pretty much anything

Mary asks…

How do i stop frostwire popping up in my start up?

Everytime i restart my computer, frostwire pops up, how do i stop it from coming up in start up? I have windows 7.

Sitatara answers:

Open your FrostWire. Click on Tools > Options. Under the Advanced > System Boot, remove the check mark on the ‘Run on system startup’. Click on ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’.

Helen asks…

How do I get my Frostwire music to automatically load into my iTunes library?

I don’t see an iTunes importing option for the current version of Frostwire, please help!

Sitatara answers:

I’m a cop

George asks…

How do i move my songs from frostwire to itunes?

So far i’ve shared my itunes with my frostwire (which made it so that all the songs that were on my itunes are now on my frostwire, which I didn’t want to do!) and I’ve done a bunch of other crap that hasn’t worked either. My frostwire folder doesn’t have a saved folder, and I have no idea how i got music from frostwire to itunes when I started using it.
Limewire was so much easier to use.

Sitatara answers:

Its simple just drag and drop them in 😀

if you are using a PC go to ur frost wire press ctrl + A that’s the key command for select all then you can drag and drop into itunes

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Betty asks…

Need a List of Xbox 360 Games that have good 2 player missions?

Halo 3
Fable 2.

Is what we have.

Please name a load and give a brief description. Just talk about the missions which can be played with 2 people

Sitatara answers:

-Gears of War 2
-Left 4 Dead
-Rainbow Six Vegas 2
-Rock Band 1&2
-Marvel Ultimate Alliance
-Soul Calibur IV

Mark asks…

im looking for a “Complete” list of xbox games that can be played on the 360?

specifically the first buffy the vampire slayer game(not chaos bleeds),doom special edition (it contains all 3 games)or just doom 3. i’m guessing that the first 2 Halos do of course

Sitatara answers:

Hey man go here it has a long list of the games including Buffy the vampire slayer

George asks…

How can I remove games off of my Xbox 360 games list?

Ok well here is what happened. My buddies came over on their break a over the summer and they brough some games with them. I left my apartment to go pick up our pizza and when I was back, they had played all these sports games and such and now my games list has all of these sports games with 0 gamerscore on them. Is there anyway on Earth that I can delete them off my played games list? Answers would be appreciated, thanks!

Sitatara answers:

You cant

James asks…

Just purchase a regular xbox would like to see a list of :”only for xbox games”?

ive been a playstation gamer since day 1 dare to switch over to xbox so i checked out the games that were made just for xbox and they look great maybe even better than PS2 i just want to purchase the games that were only made for x box only anywhere i can find that list thanks

Sitatara answers:

Halo 1 and 2 for regular, actually halo 1 is also on compuer

Nancy asks…

Could someone give me a list of xbox 360 games?

could anyone give me a really good list of about 10 360 games because i am getting one and do not know which games to get

Sitatara answers:

I answerd your other question and you picked xbox 360 good choice.
I see that your having problems picking one but xbox is better as for the games

Halo 3
Halo 3 recon
assassins creed
gears of war 2

it depends but these are the games i like

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John asks…

wii fit or xbox 360 kinect?

what should i buy to get better fitness
the wii you have to buy a part if want to dance you have to buy a board . etc .
but if you buy the wii bundle its 199.99 plus the wii fit bundle is 119.99
then you have the xbox 360 kinect that its a sensor so you dont have to buy any additional stuff to do excercise or wte with the bundle with everything even the xbox is included for 299.99 $ and there is a free game in there and then i would buy the kinect sports (with volleyball , boxing , tennis & more) and the dance central

Sitatara answers:

I would suggest you get the XBOX 360 Kinect. Its a better deal than the Wii Fit and it has many more great fitness games. Some games you could get if you want some fitness games are Kinect Sports, Zumba Fitness, Your Shape Fitness Evolved, The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout, and EA Sports Active 2. But really all of the games there are for Kinect give you a workout I have Kinect Adventures and after like 5 minutes of playing I start getting tired. Another reason you shood get the XBOX 360 Kinect is if you ever want to use it for entertainment Kinect would be better because you could never get bored of Kinect the thrill of not using controls to play and just your body makes you want to keep playing. I’ve played the Wii many time but I’ve got bored of it even if I play really good games. Well hope this was helpful. 😀

Daniel asks…

Best place to buy an xbox 360?

I want to get an xbox 360 4GB + Kinect bundle. In stores right now it’s $299. I didn’t find a good deal on ebay or craigslist. Where can I get a bigger bundle or cheaper price? Also, if you work at BB/Target/Walmart what will you’re bundles be like? (Sacramento, CA)

Sitatara answers:

What’s out now is it for bundles. I would get it from target best buy or gamestop I trust them the most. NEVER buy electronics off eBay craigslist it will most likely not work

Sandy asks…

Will a Kinect bundled with a 250 Gb Xbox 360 bought in London Work with one bought from The US?

The one bought in london is 220 Volts and reads PAL while the one bought in The US is 110 Volts, NTSC

Sitatara answers:

I really doubt that it will work here. You’d basically have to run 220 volts to it, that’s like a clothes dryer plug. Then if it’s signal the Kinects is sending is in PAL, which I don’t understand why it would be because of the USB output on the cord, then it wouldn’t talk to the NTSC system that US TVs work on.

Of course, you could go to a travel store and buy a converter for the Kinect, European shavers have to work here some how when people come for a visit. Then hook it up and try that Kinect. Hopefully it blow anything up on your Xbox.

Linda asks…

How much room do you need for Xbox Kinect?

I’m thinking about buying the Xbox 360 Slim and Kinect bundle. I already have an older model Xbox 360, I got it two years ago.

Anyway, I plan on having it in my bedroom where my current Xbox 360 sits. My room is about average size, easily 6 foot between me and the TV but i was wondering how much room you need to the left and right and behind of you. I have about two feet of space to the left and a bit to the right.

So, how much space is best? Is having little space to your sides alright?
Anything else you could tell me about Kinect and/or the 360 Slim would be much appreciated.

Sitatara answers:

At the very very least, you need a space about 2.5 feet deep, 7 feet wide, which is at least 6 feet from the sensor. In other words, if you don’t have about 8.5 feet between the sensor and the wall behind you, forget it. If you can get an extra foot or two further away still, even better. I have a yoga mat that I bought just for kinect that is 2′ 6″ by 6′ 10″. It is just about big enough to describe the “play area” needed, and it is placed 6 feet from the sensor. It is also nicely padded and provides good cushioning for the feet for prolonged sessions. I’d recommend that. It’s also Kinect Purple!

Some games need more room than others. Kinect adventures (the bundled game) involves a lot of side stepping and stepping forward for example, so you need all the room you can get. At least what I suggested above. Games like Your Shape: Fitness Evolved also needs a lot for similar reasons.

You’ll be very happy with your new toys.

The slim is great. Much quieter than the old 360s, use much less power, and are incapable of RROD. They also have built-in Wifi and a special port for Kinect that means it doesn’t require a separate power supply.

Kinect is awesome too. I highly recommend Kinect Sports. You’ll have lots of fun with that, and get a great workout in the process. Kinect Sports 2 is due out in the holidays too, and that looks to be even better.

George asks…

is this going to be worth it. xbox 360?

hey im trying to decide whether to get the xbox 360 and kinect bundle or a ps3. since both is worth $300 dollars. which one should i get. im leaning towards the kinect but i dont know. what if its a rip off

Sitatara answers:

Obviously u can get this xbox 360.

Xbox 360 S Pros
– Nearly silent when compared with the original 360.
– Smaller with a slimmer look.
– Built in wireless N and its fast.
– Integrated optical audio.
– 5 usb ports.
– Internal, but easily accessible 250gb HDD on the bottom of the console.
– Uses half the power of the original.
– Works with most of the old accessories, including the transfer cable.

Xbox 360 S cons
– The IR receiver is located lower on the console and appears to have a narrower field. So depending on setup using a remote maybe a headache.
– Only comes with standard def av cables.
– Does not use the old memory cards or hard drives.
– Touch sensitive buttons that when touch emit a soft tone.
– Kinect ready socket in the back.

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Lisa asks…

Verizon Razr V3c drivers and computer connection?

im having trouble figuring out how to get photos of my phone and videos off them, im sick of emailing them to my self cause it gets $$$ fast.

I have the cable to connect it, and ive got some flexing and seam editing programs to mess witht he phone, but i cant seem to get the phone reconized by my computer. ive installed some sort of drivers for it and it now is able to charged when plugged into the computer. but i want this to work without guessing and buying some blue tooth connection and softwar for 30 bucks and risk it not being compatable.

any help or ideas?
found them, uploaded them to my website

Sitatara answers:

I use a software which came with my razr. Check out this website.

Sharon asks…

what do you call the art, when you combine and arrange photos and change the color to create a new image?

what is called with this kind of object wherein many photos are arranged and combined and edit its color tone in computer to form a big image out of that many photos collected? thanks!


Sitatara answers:

The proper name of it is called ( Photo mosaics )
Example below,

Donna asks…

What is the best laptop for under $1,000?

I use my laptop a lot for music (iTunes), photos (editing & just uploading from my digicam), internet, and Word/Excel. I’m looking for a computer that has a lot of storage, but also works at fast speeds as I am usually multi-tasking. I currently have a 4 year Sony Vaio and the battery life is about 5-10 minutes and is really really slow. I would prefer a “name brand” that is reliable. Suggestions of even ones that are slightly over $1,000 are ok too. Thanks! =)
I am not interested in getting another Sony as my mother had one and her battery & computer both died on her, even though hers was newer than mine.
I also want a computer that computer that comes with Windows XP Home Edition pre-installed. I am not looking for Windows XP Media Edition unless there’s a reason why it’s better than Home Edition.

Sitatara answers:

Dell, Toshiba, Compaq, HP

What makes the laptop go OVER $1000 is the memory in Gb, the insurance, the screen, the chipset, the graphics card, the office software (Word, Excel), Softwares, sound cards–Otherwise laptops are all available.
I just bought a Dell, kept my eye on the price and got a great deal for 3 years of accident insurance, upgraded the drive, chip, software for over $1000–Now is the time to take advanntage of Xmas deals. FREE upgarde to Vista also!

James asks…

Copyright? 99designs and Picnik?

Question! I like to be creative so i tried doing 99designs to make logos for companys but my photoshop thing isnt ready on my computer yet so I use Picnik is a photo editing website. If I use picnik words and objects on the design but if the person uses it for a logo would it be copyright? Would I get in trouble for submitting it? Help Fast!

Sitatara answers:

It’s not a simple question, and from the information Picnik provides, isn’t really clear, but…

As for Picnik’s shapes and objects, I can’t say.

They never explicitly say it’s permitted or forbidden, but from what one of their company representatives has posted on their “help” forum after allegedly consulting with their legal department, using their shapes may be permissible.


The problem you’re likely to encounter is with fonts.

The Picknik representative did mention that some of the fonts used in their editing software are licensed strictly for personal/non commercial use.

Further, Picknik requests that you obtain permission from a font designer prior to using a font commercially, even if it is not specifically identified as usable only for personal/non commercial purposes.

The short version is it may be safer to avoid Picnik and stick with personally owned software and fonts if you’re wishing to sell designs/logos.

Otherwise, it’s possible you may find yourself involved in a copyright infringement case for using a designer’s graphics or fonts without permission as well as an additional breach of contract suit after 99designs becomes aware of the situation.

George asks…

Choosing a career..?

I am at a conflict at the moment I been out of high school 2 years working and I am finally deciding to get to a school the problem is I got no idea what I want to do. I have since 15 worked on computers repairing them, photoshop work, 3d art, some programming, web design and some slight 2d art and as you can see I like to dabble in things but I get bored real fast and this is my problem.

Even with my computer interest I am not sure thats what I want I use to want to be a game artist and designer but sometimes I wonder if thats really for me.

As for all things I have done photo editing in like photoshop is my best talent but I don’t enjoy it to much just once in a great while. I am thinking of becoming a artist but at the moment I suck at drawing but and I am not sure I would ever be good at it since I have creativity problems.

Any suggestions on how to maybe evaluate myself. I have tried thinking to myself what I really want but I keep getting different ideas what I actually want.

Sitatara answers:

It’s good that you have a variety of interests. Now is the time to research fields and see which ones are in demand. On your resume, don’t be afraid to put multiple talents. It may be appealing to an employer.

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