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Steven asks…

Does xbox 360 have cheats like in ps2 you can use gameshark to have infinite ammunation and health etc.?

i just want to know if xbox 360 has one.

Sitatara answers:

Xbox 360 console doesn’t have a certain game shark or anything like that for the console. Most games have their own cheats which you can find online. The only thing that resembles a game shark is if you ‘mod’ your console

Robert asks…

Fallout 3 Xbox 360 cheats???!!!?

Does anyone know any cheats for Fallout 3 on the Xbox 360. I only really want the alot of XP cheats and the alot of Caps Cheat. I have only just entered Megaton and only done a couple of jobs so it needs to be easy and available to me at this time. Thanks!!

Sitatara answers:


Thomas asks…

Xbox 360, Cheats?

Could You Tell Me Cheats For The Following:

Gears Of War
Splinter Cell: Double Agent
Ultimate Alliance
Lost Planet
King Kong

Not Hints, Or Anything Like That Cheats… For The XBOX 360.

Sitatara answers:

On gears of war on the first level shoot the first person and go over to him and shoot it in the head in teleports u to the end if the level.(Have not tried yet)

James asks…

gta sa xbox 360 cheats?

i want to download gta sa for my xbox 360 but i will only get it if there cheats for it dose any body know if there is cheats for it
i want to download it for the xbox 360 but will cheats work with it

Sitatara answers:


Charles asks…

grand theft auto 4 xbox 360 cheats.?

hi will there be cheats for xbox 360 grand theft auto 4.

Sitatara answers:

Cheats are pretty much a trade mark for the series.
Give the gaming forms a few days after release and I’m sure there will be tons of them.

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George asks…

Help with 2600k build?

My VAIO is getting old and slow. It’s unable to keep up with what i need. It’s constantly overheating and lightroom 3 uses up all my RAM. Haha. I just started learning about computers and I am probably like 1-2 weeks into learning. I will probably be doing a lot of photo editing with lightroom and Photoshop, movie watching, and possibly some gaming. I will probably have 2 big monitor if that matters. I don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money (I’m thinking about 700-800, but my build right now will probably come out to 1000+), but I want a fast computer with smooth and nice graphics.

So this is what I have so far
CPU: Sandy bridge i7 2600k
Mobo: Asus P8P67 Evo or Pro (Evo is only 10 dollars more and it looks better, but would it over clock more than the Pro?)
RAM: G-skill 8GB CL8
HDD: WD Caviar 1TB
Case: HAF 922
Fan: Corsair H70, Cooler Master 200mm fan for side panel, a few filters

I don’t know what to get for the power supply and graphic card. I was thinking maybe a Cosair AX750, but im not sure how many Watts I would need. I also need to know what kind of monitor I would need to get to see the true colors when editing because I know that some LCDs saturate the colors a little and stuff… or so I heard. Also, let me know what I should change up.
Your help is appreciated.
Thank you!
ohhh yeah, i was wondering… with this build, how much can i over clock? i will probably have a H70, 1, 200mm exhaust, 2 200mm intake fan and a 120mm intake if that matters.

Sitatara answers:

It’s more about the chip than the board for Sandy Bridge. A good air cooler will get you up to 4.0-4.7 ghz. Mine’s at 4.5 air right now. It’ll run at 4.7-4.8, but gets a bit hot for my taste. Will not boot at 4.9
And I’m running mine on a $150 ASRock P67 board

I’d suggest something like a 6850 Radeon/Nvidia 460 GTX for under $200. You’d need a good brand 650 watt PSU or so to have some headroom

Betty asks…

Is this Newegg setup the best possible for me?

I am saving up money working retail for the holidays and next Friday I get a big check and I want to buy myself a late Christmas present. I seriously game and I want to also be able to do anything like video or photo editing reasonably fast, but I will only have around a 1000 dollars so I want the “cheapest best” system. This is the system I designed on Newegg and you will see what I mean by “cheapest best” by my parts selection.

Sony Optiarc 24X DVD/CD Rewritable Drive Black SATA Model AD-7240S-0B – OEM

Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case – Retail

Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST31000528AS 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5″ Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive

ASUS M4A79XTD EVO AM3 AMD 790X ATX AMD Motherboard – Retail

HIS H577FN1GD Radeon HD 5770 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card – Retail

CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX 750W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Compatible with Core i7 Power … – Retail

G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL – Retail

AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz Socket AM3 140W Quad-Core Processor Model HDZ965FBGIBOX – Retail

I chose AMD Phenom II because I want to get my bang for my buck out of whatever architecture I choose. If I get i7 920 I will not only have to wait until my next paycheck to save up more, but it isn’t that much better, and it requires triple channel RAM to fully utilize it, and the comparable AMD Phenom II 965 has higher GHZ yet is much cheaper than the i7 920, the cheapest newest Intel quad core chip.

The other major decision was which video card to get, Nvidia or ATI, and ATI again is cheaper and better than the cheapest newest Nvidia cards that do Direct X 11 which I want to be able to do. So I settled on the 5000 series ATI graphics cards which are faster and can do Direct X 11 unlike comparably priced Nvidia cards.

Finally I chose this motherboard so I can do dual graphics cards in the future which I plan to do. It is not necessary to do it now enough to justify the cost currently. RAM and a second video card can be added later. Another thing I will add is a solid state drive, which is the reason I am asking this question. If I can get comparably priced parts to these within all the parameters I have described I can get the solid state drive now and not have to reinstall Windows 7 later when I save more money which will be a hassle, as I will have to move things around on the hard drives again. A side note: The 1GB drive will be for storage and I will add more as necessary.

Two additional notes: this will be the first computer I’ve built from scratch. Also, considering I will add more RAM, video cards and hard drives, is the power supply sufficient? I hope through upgrades to get at least a couple years out of this setup, without not being able to play the newest games or have to deal with slow programs ever again.
I made a typo. I meant to say I want to see if there are even cheaper best parts so I can afford the solid state drive. And also I forgot to ask if I need any other parts (except the monitor I will buy a better one next month).

Sitatara answers:

Looks awesome for the price there. And the 5770 GPU is a great pick for around $160

Your power supply is good quality too. 750 watts should be plenty, even if you decide to crossfire another 5770 later on. I have that same RAM with my Core i7 860, and a 5850 Radeon

Richard asks…

Will these computer specs work for true HD video editing?

I’m researching for a friend and want to know if the following specs would work for true HD video editing. I don’t thing the processor is strong enough.
For fast, fun mobile computing to match your on-the-go lifestyle, there’s nothing like the Dell 15.6″ Inspiron 1545 Laptop PC.

* Key Features:Intel Pentium dual-core T4400 processor
2.2GHz, 800MHz Front Side Bus, 1MB L2 Cache
* 4GB shared dual-channel DDR2 system memory
Enough memory to handle today’s most memory-hungry applications
* 500GB hard drive
Store your photos, music, videos, documents and more with plenty of storage space to spare
* DVD/CD burner drive
Play and create CDs and DVDs with this read/write DVD drive
* Wired Ethernet, Wireless WiFi
Connect to a broadband modem or network with 10/100 Ethernet LAN; connect wirelessly to a wireless network or hotspot with Dell 1397 b/g WLAN
* 15.6″ diagonal glossy widescreen display
1366 x 768; Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD integrated graphics

Sitatara answers:

Neither the cpu nor the integrated graphics are able to show satisfying results. In other words, laptops with specifications as the mentioned are not thought for heavier graphical work but only for all basic tasks like surfing the web, writing papers or playing CDs and DVDs.

John asks…

Best computer for a college student?

Looking for a laptop or desktop
hold lots of music and photos (I’m getting into editing my own photos)
reasonably priced
oh yeah, wireless, microsoft word, don’t care for games, browse the internet. The battery or ac adapter will last me more than a year.

Sitatara answers:

Dell Inspiron 1501 or 1520. Go to

James asks…

Should i buy a Macbook Pro or a PC notebook?

So I’ve used PC all my life, and I have used Mac a few times. So now I’m considering the switch to Mac. I like how the mac is user-friendly and you can do all kinds of stuff with icons and whatnot. However I believe Macs do not come with essential applications like Microsoft Word or Powerpoint, which have to be bought separately. Some programs for PC are also not compatible with Mac. I’m an art student and will probably need to do a fair bit of work on the computer (digital painting, photo editing, etc). I currently only have a version of photoshop which i believe is only compatible with windows, so getting a Mac would probably mean I need to spend some additional money on software. I also use up memory pretty fast, and I’m not sure how the Macbook Pro compare to normal notebooks in terms of memory space. Definitely the PC is a safe choice, but I notice my all art classes use Macs. Which should I get?

Sitatara answers:

Word and PowerPoint have to be bought separately on PCs as well as on Macs. The price is the same. As a student you get a huge discount on software. Here’s the best deal for students publicly, but your school may offer it for free, so be sure to check your school’s library to find out:

Macs are flexible. You can use Mac or PC software. To use PC software you can do it by booting directly to Windows (you need to have a retail copy of Windows) using the built-in Boot Camp, or you can do it with a virtual machine (Parallels or VMware) or with Crossover (limited application support).

As an art student, most likely, all the software you’re going to need runs only on Macs or both Macs and PCs. The prices are the same. If you qualify, you can get academic pricing

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Lisa asks…

How do you restart your Farmville game on facebook and delete square plots of land?

I know the red spade is supposed to delete it but i click on it and nothing happens. I would just like to restart the whole game now. I have tried deleting it from my ‘Application Settings’ tab but when i went back on it hoping for a brand new game, it just took me to my previous one.

Is there any way i can just start again?!


Sitatara answers:

I don’t know if there is a way to start completely over or not.

You can delete unplowed land, why would you want to delete plowed land? Your just wasting your money. Farmville is acting weird lately, but should be up and running soon! Try to delete unplowed land again, hopefully it’ll work. It works for me. :) Good luck!

Edit – The red shovel, you have to click that and then click what item you want deleted. You can only delete one item at a time though.

Linda asks…

Facebook how do i know whats going on?

how can i know or get notifications from whats the latest news on Facebook and what new games or themes everyone is doing like this last week it was pick a cartoon character you love how can i know whats going on?

Sitatara answers:

You can only be notified by friends with things relative to that, because those are user created things. So they will not be mass-published across the Facebook community.

Robert asks…

Is there a live feed on the new Facebook home page?

like where you can see what groups people have joined or what applications/games they are playing?

Sitatara answers:

On the right side there are groups people have joined.

On the left are the “filters” that has various applications that you and your friends have added (click the “more v” link). Other than that you really can’t find out other ways except with email notifications and appropriate settings.

That’s about the best you can do right now. It’s really sad that facebook keeps screwing with their users heads.

Mark asks…

How do I disable Facebook notifications like “Please take this quiz” or “Try now!”?

I only want notifications about my friend’s activity. I find it extremely annoying when I get automated requests to take quizzes or to play new games

Sitatara answers:

When you get a notification like that to stop them from coming you can click on the little X on the top right corner and something will pop up, click hide all and you wont see them again, and itll stop you from recieving them.

Laura asks…

Brand new Gaming Computer slow on internet?

I bought a new Gateway Intel i7 core 64 bit computer (Full specs below) and it’s not always much faster than the one I replaced it with which is 3 years old Core Duo with 2 GB Memory.

This Gateway FX6840-03e has 8 GB of memory which was very important to me since multi task with 4 different browers open at once (Chrome, Firefox, IE, & Safari ) with multiple tabs open on each (not always), with facebook games with animation running.

Sometimes it gets hung up opening a web page and sometimes within the game the circle keeps going and going! Chrome and Safari is the fastest of course, Firefox and IE bomb. But even Chrome and Safari can be slow.

This is suppose to be a gaming computer so when I play heavily animated facebook games I expected this computer to be much quicker than my old computer yet it sometimes even freezes all animation for a few seconds and then resumes. Even my old computer didn’t do that.

I do sometimes have 2-4 animated facebook games up at a time (1-2 on one browser and 1-2 on a different browser) long story on why I need to do that. What kills me is that on this new supposedly fast computer a pop up sometimes comes up and says do you want to change to the lite version which is recommended for SLOW computers!!!

Also, if you want to play the game in full screen mode it will tell you it will run slower.
It does run slower, even with this brand new computer.

My question is…. what kind of problem does this sound like?

The computer itself (I could get a HP Computer that was similar)

The wireless adapter I’m using. It is a Linksys usb adapter with dual channels $59.

The internet connection (I have AT&T uverse and upgraded from the 6 mbps to 12 but it did nothing)
(I checked it on speednet and it says I’m getting: Download 17.40 Upload 1.48 Ping 30)

Someone once said to remove Norton AntiVirus and toolbars but to be honest for $1100 you shouldn’t have to do that, ESPECIALLY since it has no other software on it YET.

I not sure what to do, I spent $1100 on it and I need to know if I should go through the trouble of returning it and getting a different computer…. or this would be in vain since if it is more of the internet connection problem.


Intel Core i7-860 Processor 2.8GHz with Turbo Boost3 Technology up to 3.46GHz (8MB Smart Cache)
8GB DDR3 Dual-Channel 1333MHz Memory (4 x 2048MB)
4 DDR3 Slots Total
ATI Radeon HD5770 Graphics card with 1GB of Discrete Video Memory
Six Hows, Thank you for the information but this computer is right out of the box and shouldn’t have any of those registry problems and junk files already, no?

Sitatara answers:

It isn’t your computer’s problem. It is your Internet connection.

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Helen asks…

I want to sell a super Nintendo entertainment system on ebay its an earlier model its from 1991 Is it worth $?

I have a 1991 super Nintendo when selling these does the date it was manufactured make it worth the money? I have two Mario games but when selling these if they are the “newer” ones does that mean they aren’t as valuable?

Sitatara answers:

Ryan………do some research on eBay for your Super Nintendo system & games. See what they’re selling for. That gives you an idea what to expect for the $.


Linda asks…

How much is a working old Nintendo with all the wires worth right now if I sell it on the net?

I have an old Nintendo for sale with games, controllers and all the connecting wires. What is the going price for one of these now?

Sitatara answers:

Depends on conition, and games. I honestly dont know, but if you are currently selling it on ebay, keep it on, but if not, wait a little while longer, because the older and rarer, the better the price.

William asks…

How can you tell the difference between an official Nintendo Gamecube controller, and a third party brand?

I have noticed that official Nintendo Gamecube controllers have the words “Nintendo Gamecube” written above the start button in gray writing. Is this method of comparison certain to work, or are there exceptions?

Sitatara answers:

Nintendo brands are guartanteed to work, off brands not so much. Look for the nintendo logo ingraved on the back of the controller by ther serial number….that’s how you can tell the difference between real and fake.

Chris asks…

How do I connect to Nintendo Wi-fi at the local library?

Nintendo said that hotspots, like a library or a coffee shop, offer free wi-fi and that I would have to bring my game cartridge and Nintendo DS to the library in order to gain access to Nintendo WFC. I’m planning on bringing my Pokemon Black version in order to get the Liberty Ticket for the special Victini. Will I need anything else with me in order to get the wi-fi to work?

Sitatara answers:

First of all, you have to make sure that your library has wireless internet. Not all do. Second, you gotta check to see if it is unsecured. If it is, then just connect (instructions to connect are in a manual that come with the game.) If the internet is secured, you gotta ask for the password. More likely than not they won’t give it to you if they have one.

Donald asks…

Is it safe to paint an original nintendo with an airbrush and the paint used with airbrushes?

I just got an old nintendo and being that it looks like crap I wanted to give it a fresh paint job – I’ve thought about using Krylon fusion but I don’t think I could get close to the original stock colors using that.

Sitatara answers:

Check out geeksugar here:

They have an article on a guy that custom painted one for his girlfriend and also a link to the DIY instructions on how to paint your own Nintendo in a similar way.

Looks like priming and treating the underlying surface is half the battle; the other half is using the correct tools.

You could also check out and see what they have in the DIY section; it’s a cool site and some of those people are geniuses!


As for it being safe to do so, if the Nintendo you are going to resurface has collectible value on its own (you referred to it as an “original” Nintendo), it is probably not safe to do as you will change its original state.

But, you also said it “looks like crap”; if it has no value as is, then painting it probably will not matter too much.

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Joseph asks…

wii games to look forward to in this 2010?

Sitatara answers:

Mario Galaxy 2
Endless Ocean Blue World

James asks…

my FIFA WORLD CUP SOUTH AFRICA 2010 Wii Game does not load…?

when i put it in the Wii it loads up and it goes tru the wii menu and the safety screen later to the EA SPORTS screen and then it goes to the FIFA screen and its stays still and nothing else happens…
the disc is not scratch… nor dirty, i clean it with a disc cleaner…

Sitatara answers:

If it is scratched or dirty, then clean it. Have you tried reseting and/or unplug the wii and then plug it back in. Hope this helps

William asks…

New Pokemon wii games ?

Is there gonna be any new pokemon games for wii. i know theres a new DS game coming out called soul silver and i cant remember the other one but is there gonna be a new pokemon game on wii in 2010?

Sitatara answers:

I hope there will be. I don’t undstand why Nintendo can’t make a game similar to the original gameboy games with a little better graphics. Those games were fantastic and fun to play. C’mon, Nintendo, give us a decent Pokemon game for 2010.

Donna asks…

Are there any good games being released for the Wii in 2009 or 2010?

Sitatara answers:

The Conduit
Fatal Frame 4: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles – Echoes of Time
Monster Hunter 3
Muramasa the Demon Blade
No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggles
Punch-Out!! (actual game, not Virtual Console)
Sin & Punishment 2
Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop
Tenchu 4
Curse Mountain
House of the Dead: Overkill

Sharon asks…

Can you use the wii fitness games without the board?

I bout the game jillian michaels 2010, biggest loser, and EA Sports BUT i dont have the balance board. So before i open them I want to make sure i can still use them with out it, an if it is still fun.

Which is a better workout of the 3?


Sitatara answers:

It’s gonna be hard, but give it a go.

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Lizzie asks…

What upcoming game do you think I should get and why. Games are listed below.?

So the games are: Medal of Honor, CoD: black ops, Crysis 2 or dead space 2. Also could you tell me about each one and put them in order form best to worst and tell me which one will have the best graphics. And one more thing, will all of these games have a new or updated engine? If they do could you tell me abit about it and what it is called? Thank You.

Sitatara answers:

It’s really hard to rank them cos they are all awesome games (based on previous experiences of course since all the games you listed are not out yet).

Medal of Honor: By EA Los Angeles & DICE

This upcoming game will be a reboot of the series which started in 1999 for the first PlayStation.
First-Person Shooter (FPS).
Made using a modified version of Unreal Engine 3.
Multiplayer will be done using the Frostbite Engine.

COD Black Ops: By Treyarch

This upcoming game will be set during the Cold War.
Made using the IW Engine developed by Infinity Ward which is used in many (if not all) previous Call of Duty titles. This game is developed by Treyarch though and not Infinity Ward.

Crysis 2: By Crytek

This upcoming game is a sequel to 2007’s Crysis and is set in New York City.
Made using the CryEngine 3.

Dead Space 2: By Visceral Games

This upcoming game is a sequel to 2008’s Dead Space.
Third-Person Shooter
Not sure about the engine but the first Dead Space was made using the Godfather Engine.

This is pretty much a summary of the games u mentioned. If you’re playing on either the Xbox 360 or PS3, you don’t have to worry about graphics. The gameplay will be awesome. If you have the Xbox 360, I’d recommend getting Halo Reach in September XD.

George asks…

what can you tell me about the new upcoming operation flashpoint game?

tell me everything you know

Sitatara answers:

Join the US Marine Corps as they take on the might of the Chinese PLA and fight to stop a flashpoint engagement over oil from becoming a full blown war.

Play solo or with up to 3 friends as you choose your path through this brutal conflict using authentically detailed US Marine Corps weaponry, vehicles, aircraft, munitions and tactics.

The age rating is 18 and it is a fps shooter game

Chris asks…

Who do you all think will win the upcoming New Orleans Saints vs. New England Patriots game?

I honestly hope the Pats will win, im a die hard Tom Brady fan! He’s the best QB in the Nfl.:)
(In my opinion)
Also, who do u think will go to the superbowl? i think Colts&Pats. Or either Colts&Saints
Oh yeah, forgot about them being AFC teams! lol
Patriots>colts, u will be chosen as the best answer btw :)

Sitatara answers:

Its gonna be a vikings pats sb saints are undefeated cuz they havent even played a legit team yet and colts are just playoff chokers

Michael asks…

Is the upcoming game “Fallout- New Vegas” A sequel to Fallout 3?

or will you be all starting from scratch? If it is a sequel, will it be Add-on content to buy for Fallout 3, on the PSN? Thanks!
Also, I’ve played some games on PS3 where the game will scan the hard drive for other games in the series (ie, Uncharted 2, you get points if the game finds that you have completed Uncharted: Drake’s fortune) do you know if Fallout- New Vegas will do something along those lines with Fallout 3?

Sitatara answers:

It’s a completely new game. For more info, go to the site I mention in my source. It gives you A LOT of info on the game.

Nancy asks…

xbox 360 old new games?????

someone told me that the old xbox 360 can’t run the new and upcoming xbox 360 games. they can only be used on xbox 360 slim… it true????????

Sitatara answers:

False. They both play the same games.

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Michael asks…

Is this a Facebook scam?

Sometimes completely random people ask for a friend request. Most of the time if they are completely unconnected I simply ignore it, but this one in particular caught my eye, because I have about 30 mutual friends with this person.

She had signed up for facebook days before friending me, and quickly racking up mutuals. She had a couple pictures (pretty girl) and some random info like a couple bands and movies she liked. Apparently she lives in Ithaca, where I went to school, but she’s about 3 years younger than me and some of the mutual friends are 3 years older than ME!!

Now she continues to “fan” a bunch of random bullcrap sites, and spam suggest to all her friends, such as Profile Watchdog, Mafia Wars bonus pack something, and The Scantron Cheat. Seems really fishy, ESPECIALLY because each of these facebook sites has some unclickable links and asks for your facebook information.

Normally I’d immediately de-friend this person, but SO MANY of my friends are mutuals.
@Laura. It’s not that I care what my friends think. I’m just very surprised that so many of my actual friends accepted her friend request. It’s either – my friends have a much more liberal FB friendship policy than I expected – or I know this girl from somewhere and don’t remember.

Sitatara answers:

If you know her, keep her as a friend. If she is a random person(even if she is pretty) delete her because she is probably whats called a ‘spam profile’ which is when someone makes a profile and uses it to find out personal information about someone. Good luck and be careful!

William asks…

‘Come dine with me’ style Dinner partys with friends, feeling really angry after darth maul cheated?

Ok, me and three of my friends were having a dinner party type game like ‘Come dine with me’ where each person has a dinner party on different days of the week and everyone judges the food and whoever makes the best food wins.

My first friend, Bob ( well known for playing ‘Bob’ in Bob the builder) had it on friday night, he gave us good entertainment and got a clown in to entertain us, but sadly the food he cooked tasted like he had rubbed it on his cold body for a while before he served it so it was practically sickening but I ate it to be polite.

Next was my friend Brad who we all thought was fantastic and he gave us really nice dishes and everything it was fantastic.

Then me on sunday, I tried so so hard, I bought all my meat and veg fresh that day and slaved in the kitchen for hours, I also got a man to ome in and strip which ruined everything because it was so innapropriate but I thought they would take it as a joke. Apart from that the night was good and everyone loved my food.

Now my last friend Darth Maul cheated and Im not happy about this. He just served us happy meals from mcdonalds and everyone thought that HE had made them from scratch because he said his dinner party was a ‘mcdonalds style meal made by himself after 17 hours of slaving away’ but he was blatantly lying because he didn’t even take the food out of the happy meal boxes.

I feel its unfair that everyone wa complimenting him and saying hes a great cook when he just went to the mcdonalds across the road and bought a couple of happy meals. When everyone else put 100% in and made really detailed food.

I stormed out of his house and refused to come back and then Bob stated I was acting childish, I went back inside and yelled at Bob and Darth maul and Brad had to take me outside because I smashed a glass over Bobs head and spat at Darth Maul who was shouting abuse at me and saying get out of my house.

Now Im at home I feel bad about smashing the glass over Bobs head because I remember he was bleeding and that was uncalled for, I don’t think he will ever speak to me again. However I don’t think I feel bad about Darth maul, I feel he should apoligize to me and everyone else for misleading us and lying.

Whenever the four of us hang out Darth maul always ruins things by making up lies and twisting things so that everyone goes home and then he always trys to get me to like him again by talking to me on facebook chat and then he annoys me by sending constant requests for mafia wars.

Should I break friends with Darth maul for good? Do you think he was in the wrong? How should I apoligize to Bob?

Please help, this is such a mess and Im really upset about it!


Sitatara answers:

Lightsaber duel. To the death.

Ken asks…

I have a question about sex and sexual relationship…mature ppl that have experience would be appreciated?

Please don’t give me morality answers…like this right and this wrong. I’m well aware of right and wrong…i’m trying to understand the why and i haven’t been able to come up with the answer myself.

O.K. so here’s the thing…been dating my BF for 3 years we just bought a house together. I love him dearly we’ve been talking about marriage kids the whole nine yards. So prior to me meeting him we were both single for a long time and we were both promiscuous. I still chat with my friends with benefits b/c we were friends before the benefits part…and he still talks to some his ex’s and/or friends with benefits. I really don’t have an issue with this, I’m not jealous nor do I think he’s doing anything with them…same with him on my part (as far as he’s told me). So sometimes when me and my guy friends that I’ve had relations with flirt and we talk about sex primarily the sex we had together lol…sometimes i give them advice about their current relationship or fling..and sometimes we talk about us hooking up again..even though I have a bf. There are times when I would like too and I seriously think about going forward with it. But i normally bow out and come up with an excuse. Now here’s the kicker…when I’m planning this I don’t feel guilty…i know i should feel guilty and so outta respect for my bf I bow out..but not outta guilt. Somehow someway I don’t think of it as cheating…even though I know it would be if I didn’t , but I just don’t think of it that way. I don’t understand why I don’t either.

Secondly, I talk to this guy on FB who lives quite a few hours away from me. We chat about everything (we started talking org b/c we play mafia wars and stuff) so neway..he’s brought up that he would like to hook up. And when I even consider hooking up with him I immediately feel guilty, feel like it would cheating..b/c that’s what it would be. And so there’s no hesitation there. Not that I don’t think this guy is attractive…i do, nor do I think his personality is lacking..cause I don’t. If I were single I would have hooked up with guy within a few weeks of chatting with him. (I’ve been talking to this guy for little over a year now) He knows I have a bf..and i’m not at all surprised he doesn’t care..but the thing is i care.

So my question is why do you think i don’t feel like it’s cheating with guys I’ve alrdy had relations with but with anyone new I feel like it’s cheating. This has been bugging me for awhile. i feel like I have a warped sense of reality / morality. NE1 else have this issue? I’d like to think i’m not the only one lol.

Sitatara answers:

The past guys you have been w/, it might seem familiar. It is something you have already done, so perhaps you feel there is less of an issue.

Lisa asks…

What would you do if you thought your boyfriend was lying and sneaking around?

My boyfriend is a realtor, and because of the circumstances he lives with me. Yesterday he left around 6 to go show two houses to a client, and his last showing would have been from 7.30 to 8.30. Then he did not come home until a little before midnight.-There is this nasty girl who he used to be friends with who has recently (7 months ago) made it clear that she wanted him. When he said no she said “oh fine then stay with your b****.” After that he didn’t talk to her for a while, but a couple of weeks ago she started texting him and messaging him on facebook trying to get him to hang out with her. I do not want him to hang out with her because she always bashes me and tries to get him to break up with me and has no respect for our relationship. We have been together for over 2 1/2 years.- So last night he didn’t come home until a little before midnight, and he had brought food back from a restaurant/bar. He told me he was out with his real estate partner and a client. That seems really unlikely to me since his partner is a man who has two elementary-aged little boys, so why in the world would he stay out drinking until way after his kids go to bed? – Also, since that girl was writing on his wall on facebook and whatever, and I always get on his facebook to play his mafia wars, I deleted her comments and removed her as his friend. So she re-added him and he accepted her friend request. Then she kept writing on his wall and said things like “she’s insecure about your relationship haha its hilarious why don’t you just dump the b****.” A few days ago I was on my boyfriend’s phone and saw a text message from a “Bob” which said they were gonna beat me up and stuff because I was “cyber-bullying” them. It was her. He had changed her name to BOB on his phone so I wouldn’t be able to tell who it is. – Okay, like I said he didn’t come home until really late last night, and his real estate partner is a good father and would not stay out drinking, I didn’t believe his excuse. So I got up early this morning and went through my boyfriend’s phone and found several calls from “Bob” yesterday.
My thinking is that he went out with her last night. There’s no way of finding out whether or not there were more people.
I thought he was better than lying to me about something like this when we’ve had so many arguments about why he shouldn’t hang out with her. He always agrees so I don’t know what to think now. He’s never done anything like this before and he has never cheated on me.
So my question is, what would you guys do if you were in this position? Give him the benefit of the doubt? Forget about it and turn my head the other way? If he didn’t want to be with me he wouldn’t, except for he has nowhere else to stay down here. Would you guys go about trying to find out? I just don’t know what to do. Please help.
Sorry I wrote so much! I just want you guys to understand the entire situation so I can get the best feedback. I really don’t know what to do about this.
Also– Would it be unreasonable to say to him that if he talks to her or hangs out with her ever again that it’s over between us?

Sitatara answers:

Yeah this def isnt good. For starters he shouldnt be socializing with someone who speaks about his women like that. Its not on!! For starters he was being sneaky by changing her name to Bob.. So thats proof he has something to hide. Seriously, why would he want to socialize with her after her speaking about you like that. They both sound immature. I can tell you my husband doesnt talk to me like that nor would he put up with someone else saying crap like that. I would def confront him and tell him that this isnt on. Me personally I would say hey, that you have seen the things shes said, that she listed as BOB under his phone. Plus he adds her back on facebook..

I want to be honest if I were you I would prepare to split from this guy. He doesnt sound the one for you. If he hasnt cheated with her, if he keeps on the way he is he will cheat. Men are like handbags, if they dont compliment you get a new one!! :) Good Luck!

Ruth asks…

Personal privacy within a marriage.?

Secrets that appear and are justified as privacy boundaries. My marriage will turn 15 years old in March and I have always (even during rough periods) considered it solid. But it’s changing and not for the better I’m afraid. I’m not sure what to expect from this posting, I’ve read others expressing similar issues and found the person reaching out was attacked as often as supported. So please, unless you have been in an unfaithful relationship or think you are now, please keep your inexperienced opinions to yourself. Three months ago I introduce Facebook to our home, it was part of a marketing assignment at work and once on, I saw how much fun catching up could be. My wife set up her page and quickly she began receiving requests. Finding old friends, chatting, Mafia Wars, and such became a part of our life at home. We each sat at a computer (back to back) in our living room each evening and gave each other snippets of our individual conversations. If you have played these online games you know how time consuming and additive they can become. Often my wife would ask me to check up on her game for her if I was to come home for lunch and I would. One morning after getting the kids ready for school and making breakfast, I saw my wife running late. I knew that she would want to peek in on thing (her games) before leaving for the day so I sat down to open it for her. I couldn’t get in. When I expressed my confusion and ask if something had happened to the account, she said had changed the password. By the end of the day she had routed her email from Facebook to her private work account. That night (about 3am) she deleted the “deleted” files in our email account and emptied the recycle bin. I work in computer science; I do the system maintenance, at work and at home. This was an attempt to hide something. My wife & I share a common history of previous cheating spouses. That’s the reason that we “lived together” for five years prior to our marriage. So in these twenty years together, I had never encountered this wall. I’m not some control freak; my wife has her master’s degree and has always worked for big name companies, she has her on cell phone (two of them in fact), her on bank accounts, and her own friends (mostly male). When I sat down to talk to my wife about my concerns (that’s putting it mildly, I’m in panic mode and having flashbacks to my first marriage), but in the quiet setting of our bedroom away from the children I attempted to express my feelings about this. Well the conversation didn’t go as well as I would have liked. My wife is what I call emotionally lateral; she can associate feeling in one situation with experiences in the past and tends to blend them or draw conclusions based on that connection. After a discussion full of “red herrings”, the basis questions I ask, “what did I do & why did you do this?” remained unanswered. I’m ashamed to admit what I did next, but I wasn’t going to sit by and have secrets and deception destroy our life together. I suddenly didn’t trust her. She was still holding back and very defensive. She held to her decision of locking me out of that new part of her life. So, (don’t tell Google) I doctored her facebook account. In fact, I changed her password, stopping her from continuing whatever she was up to. Given that she is not that good at remembering passwords and her work’s email system would filter correspondence from facebook, I was pretty sure I was safely in control of the account. There it was. In her in box messages form old friends (high school), many talking about how attractive she still was. She teased, but never openly invited any escalation of a relationship. One recalled a missed opportunity he had with her and she responded that he should have acted on it. Of course this is after I read how his wife had passed away. Another male friend was now a truck driver and was going to be in the area. They exchanged phone numbers and he wanted her to meet him at a truck stop. While facebook saves the emails, the chat conversations vanish like vapor. I would have to do some serious dissecting to find those in the temp files. It would have taken days so I didn’t bother. I went online to take a peek at her cell phone usage (again, I’m not proud of these things, but I was batting 500), sure enough calls to this guy and others. I could see from the timestamps of the cell phone and those of the inbox that she didn’t meet up with this guy, instead called him when he came to town. I at least felt better about that. Lot’s of fringe behavior, but no smoking gun. Was this enough to feel she needed all that privacy? No, we’ve had years together and guys from time to time seek her favors. What caused her to withdrawal this time? I watched the account for the next few days to see if these guys or any others might “come knocking”. Nothing. I was starting to feel like I had overacted. After a few days of not having access, of course she didn’t tell me she couldn’t get in, she a

Sitatara answers:

I have been fortunate not to have to deal with a cheating spouse (that I know of :-)) so I can’t speak on that aspect but My wife and I both do have facebook accounts and we tell each other everything.

With that in mind, I CAN comment on what I would do. I am a computer guy also and COULD do all sorts of CSI-type ivestigations but honestly, all that is going to do is push her off the computer and on to the phone or worse – in person.

I think your option is to tell her that you are uncomfortable with her having a facebook account and keeping it’s contents secret. Tell her that your willing to get rid of yours if she will do the same and see what she says.

It isn’t really about facebook, it is about ANY secret keeping methods which show at least an emotional distance from you if nothing else. You already know that you can’t babysit her so just lay out what your willing to live with and see if her needs meet up with yours.

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Sandra asks…

How to save your Firefox bookmarks on your computer?

I’m having some problems with Firefox, so I want to uninstall it and then reinstall it. But I want to save all my bookmarks, so can I save my bookmarks to my computer, and then import them back to Firefox once I reinstall it? Thanks for the help.

Sitatara answers:

Don’t worry about saving them. Unless you delete Firefox’s data directory, they’ll be there when you reinstall.

If you still want to save them, they’re at:

In Windows XP:

c:Documents and Settingsyour usernameApplication DataMozillaFirefoxProfilesyour profile number.defaultbookmarks.html

In Windows Vista:

c:Usersyour usernameApplication DataMozillaFirefoxProfilesyour profile number.defaultbookmarks.html

Come to think of it, reinstalling Firefox from the ground up might give you a different profile number, so knowing where the bookmarks file is is a good idea.

Hope that helps.

James asks…

How do you make Firefox remember a username?

I am constantly signing in and out of my college website and it is rather annoying to always have to type in my user id. It used to be saved, but then I updated Firefox and it won’t save.

If anyone could explain to make Firefox remember that would be great. Thanks.

Sitatara answers:

The line below will be very helpful.

Good luck
Firefox User

Mandy asks…

How can I get Firefox to save a webpage from the local files, rather than downloading it from the Internet?

There’s an interesting webpage that has just been deleted, but thanks to the miracle of hibernation, it’s still open in Firefox. The problem is, when I save it, it seems to attempt to retrieve the page from its source on the internet, which no longer exists. Is there any way I can configure Firefox to save the locally-held files instead?

Sitatara answers:

It fair to say that the site is already saved in the Firefox cache, its just a case of finding it.

Type about:cache into your address bar, this brings up a cache ‘browser’ it gives details of where Firefox saves its cache.

Sandy asks…

How do you make firefox use your existing installation of Flash?

Flash is already installed on my work computer, however firefox is not communicating with it for some odd reason. I can not reinstall flash because like i said this is my works computer, therefore i need admin rights to install flash. So how can i make Firefox work with the flash thats already been installed by admin?


Sitatara answers:

You cannot do anything, you have to ask your admin to do it, likely it’s the server side problem, not your computer, you can’t install without admin right.

Btw this is a nice plugin to try out for firefox, ask him to install this

Jenny asks…

How do I prevent Firefox from opening a site that has a virus?

Every few minutes Firefox tries to open a site. Because I just got a Trojan off my computer. So the link to the virus does not work anymore but Firefox keeps trying to open it. It says it cannot display this webpage. So how do I stop this?

Sitatara answers:

Sounds like your computer is still infected with a virus which insist on loading up that web page. I would suggest trying a different type of anti-virus tool to take care of the problem.

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Betty asks…

Do I need a 3D PS3 or can I use my own?

Hi I know that PS3 will have some 3D gaming. But do I need a new PS3? Can I use my own? I know I need a new a TV. Will there be a separate box I will need to purchase to activate the 3D for the PS3?

Sitatara answers:

Sony will release a firmware update this year to add 3D functionality for free. However, you will need a 3D-enabled HDTV…

Lizzie asks…

Will the 360 see any 3d type games or movies in the future like ps3?

Ce the ps3 has Plans as well as other Bravia tbs etc to encorporat 3d tvs and stuff will the 360 do the same or do you need bluray

Sitatara answers:

No cause the 360 sucks and the PS3 is way better.

Laura asks…

Will The 360 Have All 3D Games Like The PS3?

Sitatara answers:

Has not been announced, but isnt Avatar a 3D 360 game?

David asks…

How do you create HD 3D video games for the PS3 or XBox 360?

It’s important that it’s HD. If possible, can youlist the name of software that helps? I don’t know much about console programming.ALso, along with the software name, can you give me web sites that might help, and a number of the best programming languages.

Sitatara answers:

What you need is the SDK (Software Development Kit ) for the particular console that you are developing for. Unfortunally these kits usually cost $10+ and even more unfortunally you can’t get them. Most Console license holders (like Microsoft or Sony) will only lease a kit to you if you a big company with an active title in development and a published deal ready. It is almost impossible to get a kit if you are a single developer.

I suggest making a PC game with DirectX, the directX SDK is free. It is a good place to get started and Microsoft’s Xbox uses a very similar almost identical interface. So if you can swing a publisher deal and convince Microsoft to let use use a SDK you won’t have much trouble getting your game to work on the XBox.

When you game is ready License holder will put your game through a set of rigorious tests to see if it is stable and conforms to all the rules of the particular system, if that all works out they will allow you to release the game.

Almost every professional game with VERY few exceptions are written in C++.

Compared to all this making the game work on a HD Televison is trival.

Thomas asks…

Will I need a new HDMI cable to play 3D games on my PS3?

Where can I get it if needed or what is the name.
And does it matter what brand of 3D Tv you have.
I tried to find out and i found this “High Speed HDMI Cable Version 1.4” at
tell me if this could work but if not refer back to origninal question

Sitatara answers:

From what I’ve read about the 3D games, the PS3 is capable of handling them thanks to a software upgrade that was already sent to the console. Sony has stated that the PS3, after that update, is fully capable of playing 3D games on a 3D television. Therefore, you shouldn’t need a new cable for it to work. The PS3 and television handle the conversions, but the information should be able to go over any HDMI cable, and it shouldn’t matter what television you have, as long as it is a 3D HDTV.
According to Sony, the HDMI cable that came with the system should work fine, so it would stand to reason that any cable that works with the PS3 should still work with 3D games.

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Ken asks…

World of Warcraft Movie?

Hey, I’m looking for a world of warcraft movie, which is about real life.
In it, we see this “rogue” at a party, and he sees this hot girl, whom he claims to be a blood elf paladin. and he tries to talk to her, and then her boyfriend comes along, and him and the rogue fight.. and then the rogue ends up in rehabilitation for wow gamers.. and when he gets out, he gets addicted to Halo 3 instead..

anyone knows the name of that movie, or have a link to it? :)
would appreciate it

Sitatara answers:

No but there is a charming story to it. There might be a cartoon or something considering theres a card game and theres already a movie clip wen you are on the login screen!

Thomas asks…


Sitatara answers:

World of Warcraft is really a huge game, you must pay much time on it, and at the sametime you should pay for it.
If you want to find some of these website ,there are some. Hope it is useful.




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Maria asks…

Sam Raimi directing World of Warcraft movie.?

this really pisses me off that they are seriously making a movie out of this.
YES it is official, if you read the article it said that he has already signed a contract, and it will start casting, ect. after spider-man 4.

Sitatara answers:

It’s not official yet.

Here is his resume and as you can see, WoW is not listed.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – Producer 2012
Spider-Man 5 – Director 2012
The Familiars – Producer 2012
The Shadow – Producer 2012
Spider-Man 4 – Executive Producer, Director 2011
Anguish – Executive Producer, Producer 2011
ArchEnemies – Producer 2011
Evil Dead IV – Producer, Writer 2011
Just Another Love Story – Producer 2011
No Man’s Land – Director 2011
Sleeper – Producer 2011
The Substitute – Producer 2011
The Transplants – Producer 2011
Untitled Sam Raimi Project – Producer, Director (rumored) 2011
Dibbuk Box – Producer 2010
Monkey’s Paw – Producer 2010
Monster Zoo – Producer 2010
The Dorm – Producer 2010
The Evil Dead – Producer, Writer, Director 2010
The Given Day – Producer, Director 2010
The Wee Free Men – Producer, Director 2010
Burst – Producer 2009
Jack the Giant Killer – Producer 2009
Siren – Producer 2009

Ruth asks…

Will there be a World Of Warcraft Movie?

While surfing I found that rumors say that there will be a World of Warcraft(c) Movie released on 2009 or later. I am a WOW player and I would really love to know anything you may know about it! World of Warcraft Movie is the only thing I am waiting for ! So It would be awesome if there would be one! Please give me some info. I googled “will there be a Wow Movie?” and i found a site called but it appears to be from a wow fan… Please help me I am addicted ^^ will there be a WoW movie?

Sitatara answers:

There is indeed a live action movie set in the World of Warcraft being made.

The last information I heard had the story set about a year before the time World of Warcraft takes place in. The story was to be told through an alliance person. Legendary Pictures is doing it (Batman Begins, 300, etc).

While it was slated to be released in 2009, I believe it wont be until 2010. In a recent update it was reported that neither a director or screen writer had been signed yet. The various strikes and other union activities have probably contributed to the delay.

Robert asks…

World of Warcraft movie?

Hello, I read on that the director of all the Spiderman movies has signed to make a Warcraft movie. What do you think of this? Do you want to see this movie?

Sitatara answers:

Heck yes i want to see this movie. Id rather the whole movie be like cinematic graphics instead of live actors though.

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