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Donna asks…

How to raise my status on the popularity scale?

I used to be the popular one, the one everbody wanted to be friends with. I was sassy, but i was really nice to everyone who was nice to me. Then a new girl came and since she was new, everybody loved her. My best friend started hanging out with her and she totally left me. My best friend and i started getting in fights alot and the new girl was trying to break us up. They started a rumour about me and bad talked me and spread my secrets. The new girl began to date the most popular guy in our grade. The kids in the grade below mine started liking me more than the new girl and soon enough not many people in the grade below us liked her at all. But the kids in my grade still loved her. Her freshness started to die down, my best friend is my best friend again, but i‘m still not as popular and liked as i used to be. My outgoingness has died down a bit and the people who used to flock me and fight over hanging out with me at football games and at school haven’t really been doing all that stuff any more. I liked it though. I liked being the popular one. How do i gain my popularity back without hurting anyone? ~btw the new girl and her bf broke up`

I am not a spoiled brat. My life is hard. My 23 year old cousin died in a car crash on Sunday. My basketball coach died from a diesease a few weeks ago. I found out a few months ago that i have a disease. My birthday is on Saturday but i told my parents that i dont want to celebrate it because i just want to be sad for a while. I need somewhere that i can escape from all that and school is my last option. But if my school life isn’t as good as i need it to be, then i will just be flat out depressed.

sorry i wrote a novel, but i had to give the full report.

Sitatara answers:

You stop worrying about being popular….it’s not something you earn, like an education, or respect, or expertise. Therefore, it can disappear quickly. Reach for things YOU can control and keep.

Mark asks…

Will You Please Help Me?!!!!!!!!!!?

I‘m doing an immigration project for my school. What I am doing is creating a board game on the immigration process at Ellis Island. For my class I would like to hand them out each a card with a different immigrant on it.

I would like it to say:

Name (of immigrant)
Marital Status
Children (if they had any)

All I want is random names and ethnicities of different immigrants.

I think this will be a really neat project if I have the right information I want. I‘ve already been to sites on Passenger Records, but I have to type in specific information or the immigrants exact names and I don’t know that.

Please Help Me! 10 Points for whoever does of course! :)
I‘m done with project now and it went really well. I just used a name generator and it came up with some really neat people for me. I‘m afraid I just can’t choose 1 best answer, beacuse you all hepled, so I‘ll let you all vote this one out.

Thank You! :)

Sitatara answers:

Go to

You can create a free sign on. Pick a random year, country of origin. Put in a first letter for a first name, 3 for a last name. It’ll pop up lists of names. Its search features are very generalized, as there were so many mispellings.

You could also make up ones, based on what you know about ethnic names… For example, a Carson O’Reilley would be Irish, Nikolai Malekov would be Russian, Johann Eisenbach would be a German name, etc. Go to something like and there are links for family searches by countries, histories of surnames, etc. That would help you know ethnic spellings of names.

Paul asks…

When will my ex finally get the message?

I been broke up with my ex girlfriend, and I am now married. I love my wife alot so i cut off everything to my ex so we don’t have any problems despite her trying to be friends with me. My brother show me her status, and she keep writing about me.

1. How do I find you? Please just give me.a sign all im asking for is a simple hi im alive and fine…
2. I hate u so much
3. I need a sign let me know ur still alive and well please!?
4. Started off the new kinda bad but hopefully it will get better.. Miss you B hope all is well!
5. Wishing you a happy holidays I miss you… :(
6. Once again I had another dream about u…
7. Brandon IM me please!!??!!
8. Oh my gosh!! Why are you still not talking to me? Im sorry for everything i did done please give me another chance to be your friend?
9. This waiting game is diffently not fun anymore… I hate how I can’t find you no contact is never an option!!!

and the list just go on. I feel bad, and just want to be like hey i am alright, but then again i don’t even want no contact at all.
She knows i am married, and still continue to go on. I still don’t talk to her, and plan not to. She just posted #1 last night. She is crazy..

Sitatara answers:

She’ll get the message when you confront her personally (not online- this her passive aggressive way of dragging it out…don’t play into her hands!).

However, if she’s only posting nonsense on her page and not harassing you directly, it’s fairly dismissible.

Linda asks…

Do you agree with my view of LeBron and Kobe?

Well, LeBron and Kobe are obviously both very good good amazingly good ball players. but they both play very different. they both put their teams into a position to win the game pretty differently too, they ARE both team players despite people accusing kobe or lebron of being a ball-hog.

LeBron gets as many assists as a point guard and scores as much as an MVP of the league at once, plus some rebounds. he dominates on both sides of the floor. hes an all around player who can play at pretty much every position and any role you want him to play. he has incredible speed, strength, and aint small basically. he is unguardable. he knows this obviously and takes advantage of the difficulty to guard him. he will drive right past you without a cross-over and dunk on ya nuts. when you try too hard or is a sore loser you will foul him, even with good defense you will wonder how your efforts seem to not effect his drive to the hoop, making people wonder where a foul has occured. he is simply too strong and fast for most attempts to stop his drive. double teaming wont work either because of his passing ability which equals open assist. his counterpart will always hit the game winning shot with precision BUT lebron would put your team into the winning position before the final shot will be the deciding factor, in other words….if you are down 20 at the start of the 4th quarter he will score enough in that quarter and lock down his defender and do as much as possible to make sure the game isnt close and even if it is he will either take over the final minutes or make everyone stare him down and get an open assist with his passing which is top grade quality.
Kobe scores more or as much about 70% of the time. hes the guy you pass to to get an assist, not the other way around. this doesnt necessarily mean he is a ball hog or any worse than lebron because he doest get as many assists and rebounds as lebron and MJ do. he puts his team into the position to win by scoring a lot and easily. he has the best shot in the league. he will shoot in your face and whap it down. if yur down by 2 in the final 10 seconds of the game there is no one else in the league that will win it more than kobe. he has moves that will allow him to shoot his shot even when u try your hardest to guard him, he can be just as unguardable as LeBron but in a different way. he also can easily take advantage of this mindset when guarding him to slip past and finish at the rim, lebron is also working on this status as a player. lebron is perhaps very close to this.

LeBron’s team is truly inferior to the Lakers. if the lakers had a assist fountain like steve nash or CP3 than the teams would be similair in that they have a big scorer and assister….they just wont be the same person, which is how a team should work but lebron makes it work. the lakers winning rings isnt a surprise as kobe doesnt have to do much work with assists to have his teammates score on their own and with more success than not, especially kobe. LeBron has to work hard. besides Mo and Shaq, the other members cant do much one-on-one without a play being executed to help them. when the cavs get their game going and when the lakers get going its hard to tell who can come out on top in the finals.

i believe that i havent done either player wrong, i believe i have said things to please both sides of this war between fans and also make them mad because i praise both players.
please dont hate on me 😀

This does sound one-sided but i can honestly say that if i had to choose who i would have on my team in the final 2 minutes of a close game i would choose kobe, BUT LeBron would take his spot for the whole game to make sure we win without the other team being close enough to scare us into thinking we are going to lose. kobe and lebron are both clutch as hell….but kobe would be better in those final moments and lebron would play better in all the others. saying this will obviously cause some criticism towards me but i assure you i love both players, but i like to think that i have a realistic look at both players.

Sitatara answers:

Well i see it in a very different perspective
I respect your non-bias opinion though and i think you did both players decent amount of justice but
I think Kobe is just as good as lebron in passing and rebounding. Given the fact that kobe is non 6-6 he wont be able to rebound as much and considering he has bynum and gasol rebounding it would be hard for him. While Shaq and Big Z rebounding is not really gonna stop lebron cause they both cant jump for jack. Kobe doesnt need to drop dimes if his team can score one on one. INstead of giving a nice assist he just has to dump the ball letting his team do the work. So thats the benefit of having a good team. Lebron might not necessarily be better at passing or rebounding if you look at it that way. I think Kobe and Lebron are opposites when it comes to scoring but i think they can be on equal footing when they’re on fire. Lebron will power his way to the rack for a dunk but kobe will swish in the nice midrange jumpshot. Lebron is not a good shooter despite what people believe. He can not shoot threes and his midrange is only decent and his free throws are probably his biggest setback. Kobe is a much more clutch player than Lebron I dont find lebron clutch at all. Kobe is also a better onball defender than lebron. Now lebrons turn. Lebron is much more athletic than kobe. He is one of the greatest athletes of all time. He is too strong and too fast for anyone to gaurd the whole night. He can score 20 with ease even which makes up for his lack of shooting. When he can shoot he IS ungaurdable same goes with kobe. I think lebron is a much better player throught 82 games but come playoff time we all know Kobe is better player he’s just a playoff performer and as the skills to do what it takes to win as evidence by 4 rings while lebron still needs to find a way to win with his team.

Mary asks…

Internet browser questions?

Have IE 7…. heard bad things about IE8. Getting a lot off error messages lately and browser just shutting down… Especially during gaming. Looking into new web browsers..(ex… opera , firefox, etc) , I don’t want to lose my favorites off IE… How different will my status bar be ^up at the top where my yahoo toolbar is on different browsers? Would i still be able to get a yahoo toolbars on the others? I have never used a different browser. If I don’t like it will i be able to switch back without much difficulty?

Sitatara answers:

During install firefox will ask you if you want to import settings from IE, just select that option and when it starts all your favs and bookmarks will be there. It does nothing to the IE install so that will still be available if you need it. You will just have the option to use either browser. I think you will stay with Firefox once you learn the minor differences;)

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Lizzie asks…

Where can I find a free/cheap MMORPG for my mac?

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to find a good, free MMORPG for my mac, I’ve tried second life and don’t like it so much and I’m aware of a few other RPG’s out there, but I’m more looking for a MMORPG with a “mob” theme or gangster theme, sort of like….the 3D equivalent of the “mobsters” application on myspace? Does anyone know if such a thing exists? it doesn’t absolutely HAVE to be free, but I’d prefer it to be free if possible……thanks again if you can help me. :)

Sitatara answers:

Sithlock free ultima online shard:
use windows emulator

Donna asks…

mmorpg for Mac AND Windows?

I’d like to play with a friend, but I can’t seem to find any games that either of us are really into. We usually like some fantasy game, create a character… y’know, the whole mmorpg thing. Help? D:

Sitatara answers:

I reccomend Flyff or perhaps (rappelz if your computers can handle it)
or perhaps something faster paced such as gunz

Sharon asks…

free MMORPG for MAC OS?

so i’m looking for a new MMO to play other than WOW, does anyone know any that are open source for mac?

Sitatara answers:

It is really hard to recommend a specific MMO game, because everyone likes something different. A game I like you may hate. Check out for a gigantic list of these free mmorpg / mmo games. I use that site to find new games to play. Every few days I try a new game :) – It’s a lot of fun because I try everything. They have like every single MMORPG categorized nicely with reviews, screenshots, videos and more. Heck they even list the game’s system requirements!. Best part is all the games are free, which rocks.

Or you can just see a huge list of the games with scores, types, etc above.

Let me know if this helped at all.

Mandy asks…

Fun MMORPG for mac no runescape or world of warcraft?


Sitatara answers:

It is really difficult to recommend a specific MMO game, because everyone likes something different. Check out for a gigantic list of these free mmorpg / mmo games. I use that site to find new games to play. Every week or so I try a new game 😉 – It’s a lot of fun because I try everything. They have like every single MMORPG categorized nicely with reviews, screenshots, videos and more. Heck they even list the game’s system requirements ;). Best part is all the games are free, which rocks.

Or you can just see a huge list of the games with scores, types, etc above.

They list all the big non-download MMORPGs too on their browser game section. I like browser games a lot too :].

Let me know if this helped at all =].

Chris asks…

DO you know a good mmorpg for mac?

Sitatara answers:

World of Warcraft works perfectly fine on a mac.

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Carol asks…

can someone explain these gamestop trade-ins?

Power Trade 25% – Modern Warfare 2, Halo ODST, Assassin’s Creed 2, New Super Mario Bros or Tekken 6

Trade any games towards the pre-order or purchase of Modern Warfare 2, Halo ODST, Assassin’s Creed 2, New Super Mario Bros, Tekken 6 and many more of the best upcoming games and receive an extra 25% Trade-in Credit!

Expires: 10/4/2009. Full trade value amount must be applied toward pre-order/purchase of select Power Trade titles. Trades must be in full working condition to receive full value. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Trade-ins subject to manager approval. Offer valid only toward games normally accepted in trade.
so does this mean if i trade any game thats value isnt $2 or less and i preorder mw2 i get 25% actual mw2? 25% offf what

and this one Trade 3 for an extra $10, or Trade 4 for an extra $20

Trade 3 Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii games and get an extra $10 trade-in credit, or 4 and get an extra $20.

Expires: 10/4/2009. Games with a trade value of $2.00 or less are excluded from offer. Offer valid only toward games normally accepted in trade. Offer not good on cash trades. Trades must be in full working condition to receive full value. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Trade-ins subject to manager approval. Offer subject to change at anytime. See store associate for details. No dealers. Offer valid in the United States, Puerto Rico and Guam only.
i trade in 3 games for $10 like an extra $10 towards the value of the games i traded in? $10 off?

Sitatara answers:

1 – you get a 25% bonus to the trade-in value of the games if you use the trade-in credit to reserve one of those games. So if a game is worth $10 trade-in credit, you get $12.50 towards paying for one of those games (since 2.50 is 25% of 10). To reserve/pre-order a game you have to put at least $5 towards it, but you can completely pay it off, or anything in between.

#2 – you get an extra $10 or $20 trade-in credit on top of what the games would be worth combined. So for three $10 games you’d get $40 instead of $30, for four $10 games you’d get $60 instead of $40.

In the past if I traded in more than the pre-order was worth, I still got the bonus, like if I traded in $60 worth of games, with a 25% bonus, it is $75 and the game only cost $60, they let me put the left over $15 on a gift card or towards another game, as long as I pre-ordered one of the required ones.

Thomas asks…

Will my Wii Rockband drums, guitar and mic work with Guitar Hero World Tour?

A few months ago I was doing research on the upcoming Guitar Hero World Tour on the Wii. I was very displeased to find that the original guitars in GH 3 and Rockband were not compatible with each other. However, I did find an announcement somewhere stating the new GH World Tour would be compatible with the old Rockband equipment. Now that the release date is in less than a week, is this statement still true? Will I be able to use my Rockband equipment, and my GH 3 guitar on the new game?
I checked on YouTube, and I found exactly 0 videos of people playing the new Guitar Hero 4 game on the wii, and using the Rock Band equipment. If someone could provide a link here I’d appreciate it! I just don’t want to go buy the game, then find out only my old GH3 guitar works on it, or even worse go buy the band package for $180 only to find that my Rock Band equipment works…
So we have word that the mic is compatible, but the drums aren’t, how about the guitar?

Thanks again!

Sitatara answers:

The rockband mic is compatible, plug it into the USB port of your Wii. The drums are not compatible.

David asks…

Which Bleach game should I get?

I live in North America, and I was wondering which Bleach game to get.
1-Bleach: Shattered Blade (Wii)
2-Bleach: The Blade of Fate (DS)
or 3-New upcoming DS Bleach game

I’m looking for lack of repetivity, (maybe)optional audio change, and overall fun. I heard there’s a new Bleach DS game coming soon, but I dont know how soon, and I really want to buy a Bleach game now. Thanks in advance!
I am also looking for if I’m going to like looking at it, multiplayer fun, and again, optional Japanese voices.

Sitatara answers:

SHattered Blade

Charles asks…

I have an Xbox 360, should I buy a ps3 or a Wii as a second console?

Normally deciding between the ps3 and Wii would a no-brainer for the former, but given the significant overlap between xbox and ps3 games, I am not so sure whether investing into the wii would not be better. Since I have not played the ps2 (gamecube) games Okami, RE4 and Prince of Persia Two Thrones (aka rival swords) I think they would add great value for me (since the new ps3s are not compatible backwards). Furthermore, games like Mario Galaxy 1-2, Metroid Prime trilogy, Zelda, Mario bros, Kart and upcoming sequels (Metroid other M and Zelda) seem to be better, than ps3 exclusives like Uncharted 1-2, Infamous, Metal Gear Solid 4, Heavy Rain or the long coming Gran Turismo 5.

Could someone who actually played some of these games on both consoles give me an unbiased opinion? (I have only played GOW 3, Little Big Planet on the PS3 (did not like either style of game) and Wii Sports and Dead Space extraction on the Wii (hated the former, the later was alright))

How is the future of PS3 (especially having lost a studio like insomniac recently) and Wii exclusives are going to look like?

Sitatara answers:

Personally, I would take back or sale the 360 and get a PS3 and Wii but that’s IMO. In your case I would just go for the Wii. PS3 is a much better system but the crossover between popular 360 and PS3 games is all too frequent.

I own all three systems and prefer my PS3 I have owned a PS2 and played the PS some what frequently in the 90’s for this reason i’m a bit more familiar with PS exclusives and really enjoy them I also believe that the PS3 is a more quality system all ways around but since you already have a 360 the Wii would be a good “opposite”. I find the Wii to be enjoyable in social settings but when i’m just playing on my own I don’t really enjoy the selection too much.

I’m not really a GOW fan either I do find Little Big Planet to be enjoyable though it actually reminds me of Nintendo style games. I own Mario Galaxy 1 and it’s ok IMO never been a huge Metroid or Zelda fan so I can’t comment on those. Mario Bros. And Mario Kart are pretty good but some what repetitive if you’ve been playing the games for years. I have played Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Heavy Rain. My thoughts are that Uncharted is a pretty good good game and the graphics are impressive. I have been playing the Metal Gear games for a while so I think MGS4 is a good game too. I was quite impressed with Heavy Rain, a total different direction from what I usually play but exciting none the less.

Since you don’t seem entirely sold on either of the systems I would just reconsider buying either.

Lizzie asks…

can somebody give me as much information as possible about the wii speak?

can somebody give me as much information as possible about the wii speak? and is it clear? should i get it for the upcoming game called the conduit? would gamestop have it? how much is a BRAND NEW one, not a used one. and i am not getting animal crossing with it. what can you do with it. is there a channel for it? how do oyu get it?
and would you be able to send messages from the wii message board with it? like when you open it up, it will start playing the message.
and do you have to mount it on to the sensor bar??? or can you mount it somewhere nearer to you?
you can only talk to people on your friends roster???????????? are you sure??? i have never read anything about that…
hell yea i am getting it!!! but i dont know if i will have enough money for the conduit AND wii speak…

Sitatara answers:

1). Its has decent clarity. But like all microphones, It’s gonna alter your voice a slight amount.
2). It will only work with Conduit with people you have on your friend roster. It may help if you and your friends form a team or you are in a ‘clan’ or something.
3). Gamestop should have it.
4). About $20
5). You can send messages to peoples’ wii message boards, chat with 4 people at a time, and send pictures to people when your in the chat.
6/7). There should be a code inside the box that you can input into the wii Shop Channel that will allow you to download the Wii Speak channel.
8). Yes.

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Donna asks…

what are some good wii games for teen girls?

I need some ideas for wii games for christmas

Sitatara answers:

-Harvest moon
(Very popular among girls// I don’t care much about girly stuff But even I love this series) ^^;; I’d say go with Harvest Moon Animal parade, It’s an addictive farming game, you get to customize your house, befriend villagers, keep exotic animals as pets, marry n raise a family w yer fave available bachelor (so many cute ones, so hard to choose) xD;; You can find it for about $30 new
If you have time and patience for it that is. High replay value.

-Dance Dance Revolution Hottest party
= ddrhp1 is harder if you like a challenge
= ddrhp2 better song selection, better characters, but too easy T_T
= I dont own ddr hp 3 so Idk abt that one..

(fun way to exercise :p //although you might get tired of it quickly)

-Guitar Hero//Rock Band
(Pick up and Play, you’ll def enjoy if you’re into that kind of music)

-Mario ….(really you can’t go wrong with that many mario games)

-Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess (if you don’t own it for whatever reason //My suggestion: play the whole series, it’s amazing!!!)

-Kirbys epic yarn

-Rayman Raving Rabbids (The first one is the best imo, Tons of fun, Unique mini games, bunny shooting, bunny dancing lol, High replay value)

Mandy asks…

What is the best wii game?….for girls around 12?

and witch is the best raving rabbids game? they got so many and I can’t decid witch one i want help thanks

Sitatara answers:

Wii fit is fun if you can find it
Raving Rabbids TV party is the most fun if you have the balance board
Mario Kart Wii is fun… Especially if you can play online

Susan asks…

What are some good Nintendo Wii games for teen girls?

Sitatara answers:

Here is a great resource for you to find Wii games for Girls:

Ruth asks…

what is the best wii game for girls?

for teens/adults
-don’t include ;wii fit or active,cooking mama,wii play,mario cart
What do you think?

Sitatara answers:

Smooth Moves is really cool, Guitar Hero (Luv all of them), Dance Dance Revolution, Super Smash Bros. Brawl (I always play it with my brother and it’s so much fun), Boogie Super Star, American Idol…

Hope I Helped ^^

Helen asks…

What are some good/fun Wii games for teenage girls?

Sitatara answers:

Wii sports and Mario party are really fun games for all genders including for teenage girls.and if you want a entertaining game try wario ware:smooth moves.i can almost guarantee you will laugh while playing this cray game.

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Daniel asks…

What is the best configuration for a gaming PC under $500?

I will primarily play source games. Here are some other games I’m planning to play:

Witcher 2
Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2
Fallout: New Vegas

and many more but what settings do you think I can play those games on with a $500 PC?

Sitatara answers:

Tom’s Hardware managed to build a decent PC for $527. I strongly recommend reading the following article.

Paul asks…

A good gaming PC under $500 for primarily source games?

What are the best configurations under $500 for a PC to play source games on?


Sitatara answers:

You already asked this question. Are you not satisfied with my answer?

Tom’s Hardware managed to build a decent PC for $527. I strongly recommend reading the following article.

Sandy asks…

Building a gaming pc for under £500 /w monitor+ K&M?

AMD Phenom II X4 Quad 955 Core 3.2GHz Processor 4 x 512 KB Boxed – Black Edition – £99

Arctic Silver 5 3.5g Thermal Paste – £5.5

Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 CPU Cooler – £13.75

Komputerbay 8GB (2 X 4GB) DDR3 DIMM (240 pin) 1333Mhz PC3 10600 / PC3 10666 8-8-8-24 1.5v 8 GB KIT – £58

VTX3D 2GB Radeon HD 5450 DDR3 PCI-E 2.1 Graphics Card – £80

ASRock N68C-S UCC £33.20

Seagate ST3250312AS 3.5 inch Barracuda 250 GB 7200rpm SATA Drive with 8MB Buffer – £30.50

(# This item: NEW! Samsung SH-S223C 22x SATA DVD RW Writer Burner £11.75


# Molex to 2 SATA Internal Power Splitter Cable by Startech £1.48) – £14.19

CiT Mars Red Midi Tower Gaming Case – £36

1938 600 Watt Black Storm power Supply sata Pci-e – £23

AOC 931Sn – LCD display – TFT – 18.5″ – widescreen – 1366 x 768 / 60 Hz – 250 cd/m2 – 60000:1 (dynamic) – 5 ms – 0.3 mm – VGA – piano polish – £65

Microsoft Business Hardware Pack – inc Keyboard & Optical Mouse – £22

total – £479.95

Any advice or info that would help me, how well does one think this pc would run, i’ll be gaming on the latest stable release of Ubuntu and will be using wine to play windows games like Crysis 2 and CODOB /w every option on max. Is this machine be powerful enough to do this??

Thanks in advance..

Sitatara answers:

Where from for heaven’s sake do you get that graphics card for £80? This is way too expensive for a HD 5450 and even with 2GB video ram it still isn’t a gamer graphics card. For gaming you need one with a much more powerful engine, e.g. A HD 5770 in order the stay within your tight budget.

Get this one from for just £90 (inc. VAT) and you’re still within your budget of £500.

Carol asks…

Challenge to custom build a gaming computer under £500.?

I challenge anyone to ‘custom build’ a gaming PC, right here on yahoo – for under £500. Not including the monitor, or any unnecessary devices such as keyboards and mice!

Best specs wins!

Sitatara answers:

UK is expensive, however i tried

cpu: Intel Core i5-2500K (£159.95)
mobo: Asus P8P67-M Intel P67 (£90)
ram: Mushkin 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1333 (£30)
gpu: MSI GeForce GTX 550Ti OC 1024MB GDDR5 (£95.40)
hdd: Samsung HD502HJ F3 500GB 7200rpm (£29.40)
odd: Sony Optical DVD Writer, AD-7260S-0B, SATA (£15.55)
psu: Be Quiet! Pure Power 530W 80 Plus Certified (£45)
case: Antec 100 One Hundred Black Mid Tower Chassis (£45.30)
total: £510 inc. VAT

all parts from

Mandy asks…

What is the best custom gaming pc you can buy for under $500?

Please provide parts/ prices and websites you found the best deals.

Sitatara answers:

Right here on Tom’s Hardware. $527 to be exact,2903.html

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David asks…

How do pokemon from Nintendo events work?

Ok so there is going to be a Nintendo event soon at gamestop and I’m getting a pichu for the pichu event, but the issue I have is my little brother is getting soul silver and I’m getting heart gold and I was wondering could you use that pichu for muiltiple events. Ex. The shiny pichu is sent to heart gold I get my pichu, I then send it to my little brother he get’s the event as well.
Does it work that way or is it 1 event and it stops?

Sitatara answers:

The Shiny Pichu unlocks the event no matter what, even if it is used once, then sent to another and used another time

Richard asks…

What is the Super Nintendo game where you were a blue sphere?

I’m looking for a Super Nintendo game where you, the main character, was a blue sphere. I’m fairly certain it was set in a backyard area. There were brown dogs and white cats that you had to avoid. Does anybody know what I’m talking about?

Sitatara answers:

Claymates maybe? The one where you grabbed balls of clay and became a cat, a fish, a bird, and a chipmunk.

Paul asks…

How do you download a nintendo points generator?

I want to download a nintendo points generator for my DSi, but I don’t know how. Please tell me step by step.

Sitatara answers:

Im not going to tell you how to do that because they are a waste of time. None of them work because it would have to get the number of an activated card and give it to you. Just pay the twenty dollars and don’t try to be a thief. Plus there’s nothing good on the dsi shop

Donna asks…

When is the next pokemon nintendo event coming to lebanon ?

My friend have a nintendo DS and he’s playing the game pokemon. Few pokemons want events to catch them. But when is the next event in Lebanon ? And how to get this event ?

Sitatara answers:

There’s a Pokemon worldwide tornament locator, on the link provided.

James asks…

Can a self proclaimed Nintendo expert help me out?

I’ve already asked it, but maybe the answer has changed?

Is Nintendo planning to come out with a new console soon? Like in a year or 2?

What other game consoles from Nintendo came out before the Wii? Can you put them in order in with the year they came out please?

If Nintendo doesn’t have a new game console coming out soon, when do you think they will? Just guess.

Do you think it’d be worth it to buy a Wii since it’s been on the market for a couple of years already?

Sitatara answers:

Yes…and anyway, if they come out with another one, then the price of the Wii 2 or whatever they call it will be ridiculous

The Wii is pretty cheap now. I would totally get it. My family got one for Christmas today. We’re having so much fun. I really reccomend it.

As for the other stuff, I have no idea.

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Sandra asks…

Do you have any news from today about the scarface the game ?

scarface the game is a video game for pc, playstation 2, and xbox and it still did not come out yet for any system that I have just listed above.

Sitatara answers:

Scarface: The World Is Yours was going to come out come out for the Xbox 360 but now it has been cancelled.
On the Official page of Scarface: The World Is Yours all it said was that the game would be out in 2006 now Vivendi has has put up a Fall 2006 release, but still no real date for the release but the chances of it comming some time in the Fall are really good as of now. With the Xbox 360 off the list Vivendi Universal confirmed the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC.
Scarface: The World Is Yours is said to create a gameplay environment that authentically recreates the historical time period of the film, touching on politics, news items and events of the day, but their is a lot of talk about it being another GTA clone and from the game vidoes I have seen their is a little bit of a connection to GTA but their are a few things that lead you to think that this game will seperate from all the GTA clones.
The Xbox 360 version was mentioned by the publisher but now the game is only on current-gen systems.
That news makes you wonder what is going on with the publishers and the Xbox 360. The way I see it is that we will not see a massive amout of games comming for the Xbox 360 untill the PS3 and the Nintendo Revolution make it to market. This will make the clash of the big systems more interesting ( Xbox 360 and the PS3) but their is still no reason to count out the underdog (The Revolution).

>>>>> Edit <<<<<

I have now been told it will be out some time in September.
But their are still no exact dates as of now.

Helen asks…

Is there any “Made in India” PC Game?

I was watching youtube and got a news about a game in making called “Terror Attack: Project Fateh”. It is based on the 26/11 mumbai terror attacks. I am amazed that these is a 3D FPS game made in india.

Do you guys know any 3D FPS game that is completly “made in india”.

And you guys should check this, this game is very COOLL!!!!
Hey guys, I just found their facebook page:

Sitatara answers:

Yes gajini , it is based on the movie gajini and it is india first 3d game.
For more information visit

Daniel asks…

San Andreas PC game with San Andreas PS2 controls?

I just downloaded the PS3 controller so it can work for my PC from the website… but when i try to play san andreas for the PC with my PS3 controls..but all the controls are messed up and i dont know how to put the controls that are used in the san andreas PS2 version??…can comeone please tell me what to do or what are the controls so i can put them in my san andreas PC version…i wnat to have it in the PS2 version….CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sitatara answers:

Just purchase the PS2 version and you will have PS2 controls.

George asks…

#Where can I getnews in my pc/laptop?

DDO has taken some impressive steps to make the game more solo-friendly. Granted, there are some things that will force players to either group or just not participate, simply because of the foundations of the game. If you’re a hardcore solo player, you are probably not going to be doing epic raids any time soon.DDO|turbine|dungeons and dragons online

Sitatara answers:


Dungeons + Dragons V volley ball players.

Sounds like,

Lions = 2 —- Christians = nil.


Mark asks…

Fury PC Game ~ HELP!

I just recently bought the PC game, Fury and I have installed it onto my Windows Vista but when I click the desktop shortcut ‘Launch Fury’ and it opens but it says at the bottom right corner of the screen

“Build: 28152
Error: Could not load the trusted certificates.
Please check Launcher news for next session details.”


Sitatara answers:

I suggest you test the computer registry documents were damaged, may lead to your question
You need to repair clean up the registry documents.
You can solve the problem
Can help you

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Thomas asks…

Top 10 psp games 2011?

Hi everyone! What are the top 10 psp action games of 2011????I am planning of buying 2 games. It is ok even if it is of 2010………

Sitatara answers: usually has a good set of top 10 games for 2011 and gives reasons, just go to the website, click psp and go to top 10

David asks…

PSP 2011 Games Releases………………..?

Does anybody know what PSP releases we can look forward to this year?

Sitatara answers:

Http:// :) you will have to highlight the one at the end but I am not sure if it’s coming out the game that’s hidden is street fighter alpha 3 hope this helps :)

Chris asks…

Best PSP games (2009-2011)?

New ones, mention as many as you can to see how many i can download for free online 😉

Sitatara answers:

God of War

Robert asks…

top 10 psp games of 2010 and 2011?

Sitatara answers:

1) Persona 3 Portable (2010)
2) Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (2010)
3) Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (2010)
4)Gods Eater: Burst (2011)
5)Patapon 3 (2011)
6)Dissidia 012 (2011)
7)Valkyria Chronicles 3 (2011)
8) God of War: Ghost of Sparta (2010)
9) Disgaea Infinite(2010)
10) Third Birthday(2011)

Daniel asks…

What is a good PSP game with a good overall and released 2008-2011 (no GTA VC Stories and and GTA LC Stories)?

All in the title so no gta stories i alreadu tried it. Other games with good graphics and was released from 2008-2011
Thanks for giving me the list im gonna look up on obsecure and silent hill cause it looks like it has good graphics

Sitatara answers:

God of war chains of olympus
god of war ghost of sparta
metal gear solid peace walker
silent hill shattered memories
silent hill origins
killzone liberation
prince of persia revelations
prince of persia rival swords
manhunt 2
midnight club la remix
obscure the aftermath

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Lisa asks…

Runescape or World of Warcraft?

Hello, I have played both games for quite some time and am currently in my world of warcraft mode but lately I have been thinking about going back to runescape. In wow I have a 80 hunter with a 5.3k gearscore, I push 5k dps on a heroic training dummy but my guild never takes me to raids with them and I have been in that guild for about 3 months now. In runescape I am about 100 combat members and had a clan that was starting to get really big. I like runescape a little more because its less competitive, people are generally nicer but its much less organized than wow. What do you think I should play??

Sitatara answers:

I like World of Warcraft a lot, and I’ve played Runescape a bit. I didn’t think it was nearly as user-friendly and I never really got into it. So naturally I choose WoW. I definitely agree with you about it being better organized. But Runescape is free and WoW is not, so that’s also another good thing about it. You should just play WoW since that’s what has you’re on right now.

Michael asks…

if i get world of warcraft the first or maybe burning crusade aswell will anyone like raid in them?

or is it just wrath of the lich king cause i dnt have the money to buy WOTLK right now so like will anyone have guilds and pvp or do raids in teh first or second please reply

Sitatara answers:

There are instances for all levels in the game 10 and up. Any actual raids dont start until the higher levels. Burning crusade has Kara in it, thats a ten man, and you could do zul’aman too, at 70. But yes, there are guilds that run the lower level instances too

Mark asks…

have i lost my addiction to world of warcraft?

so i use 2 really be into world of warcraft, and i was so into my guild that i was happy my guild leader ahs promoted me to co lead. and i finally worked so hard on makn 4 lvl 80’s and ive gotten them geared up at icc raids, but now im not into it any more? my account has froze 4 like 5 days ive bought my time card incase i waan get active but part of me is all bleh i dunno if i should even bother activating my account, sigh i dunno… maybe its jus boring me 4 the time being? mayb ill be back into it when catalysm comes out i dunno…. lol i jus think either im bored of wow or i dunno whats up.

Sitatara answers:

I don’t think WoW is the evil entity that so many other people do, but that may be because I have self control. I quit with pretty much the same circumstances you described, and haven’t gone back. I wouldn’t worry about it, you can keep in touch with your friends from your guild via their website, or facebook if you choose, but otherwise don’t feel any sort of requirement to play. You will find that you have SO much more free time to do something more productive, I think you will be surprised that you will start to miss it less and less. I have 5 80s rotting away, and have no desire to reactivate. Just do what you want to do, and whatever you will have the most fun with.

William asks…

World of Warcraft bug? pls help?

i have a character in wow that couldnt see any speech on the bottom left of the screen. this means i couldnt see whispers, guild messages, raid, party, etc….. but i could see yelling and saying talking bubbles of other players. this only happen to 1 of my characters.

Sitatara answers:

This happened to me too. What i did was right click on the chat log and mess around with the options and speech controls. If that doesnt work try relogging

Sandy asks…

World of Warcraft Level 80 character what’s next?

I have a level 80 rouge and I am in different time zone than my guild and do not have anyone to go on raids with. I am looking on what I can do as an individual player to get better items or quests to better my character. I am playing for year and hard for me with my work schedule to get info on this,

Sitatara answers:

From what it sounds like, you won’t have a lot of raiding in your future if you stay with this guild. If you want to raid, then look for another guild who’s raiding times mesh with your free time. If you are on a server located in a different time zone than you are, it could be hard to find one. If you’re a PST person living on a EST server, those 3 hours could be killer when trying to move your schedule around to raid. Most guilds raid until 11 PM or 12 AM, which would be 2 or 3 AM for you.

What you could do is sever transfer your rogue. It costs 25 dollars to do so. Now, before you say you don’t want to pay for that, think about the fact that you are already paying for a game, what’s another 25 dollars. Another thing is to look at how much you get paid per hour. If you’re making 10 an hour, then it will take you 2.5 hours to have the money to do so. If you can’t find any guild on your server who raids in the times perfect for you, you might have to go to another server. And I’m sure it takes more than 2.5 or 3 hours to get a toon to 80 and to be as geared as you are now. In that sense, it’s worth it. If you’re making more than 10 an hour, then it’s less than 2.5 hours and it is looking even better to move your toon.

As for quests and gear needed to make your toon better, you can use the armory to see what you can upgrade to. Maxdps is another site where you can look at what gear you can upgrade to. If you go to, you can find a list of quests in each zone that has gear that is appropriate for your spec.

Since you’re 80, you can do heroics. Sign up for the random heroic each day and get your 2 frost badges. After you do one, make sure to do as many as possible; you will get triumph badges from any after your first random heroic. You can use your triumph badges to get your T9 gear and other 245 gear. With the frost badges, you can get your T10 gear.

Once you get pretty much all 245+ gear, and you stay on your server, see if you can get into PUGs for ICC. Sure they won’t be as good as a guild run, but there are some servers who have successful PUGs of ICC. You can at least get the first 4 bosses down without a problem. The Loot Ship battle, even though it was an awesome concept, is really monotonous and boring. I still love using the rocket pack to jump around. That’s the highlight of that fight for me.

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Laura asks…

Technology in classrooms paragraph help?

I need help. Only one paragraph to go and it’s on classroom technology. Here is the thinggy.
-9 complete sentences on how technology is best utilized in classrooms, why it is needed and how we can make it better.
Thank you.

Sitatara answers:

Some of the ways in which technology has impacted education :
— has helped in making better & diverse teaching-learning aids & tools, including audio-visual, computer, OHP, etc. [learning by doing & seeing is more effective & motivating]
— possible to cater to larger number of students per teacher
— learning at own pace & time & place eg. Through open/distance/correspondence learning
— internet has provided an online option globally
— repetitive & remedial teaching-learning is made easier through customized programs [instant feedback]
— Braille & audio learning for the blind
— teacher-less virtual classrooms that are able to reach remote & rural interiors
— better infrastructure including storage facilities, durability of materials, comfort, etc.
— library & referencing facilities have improved tremendously through use of computer, cataloging & online technology
— hearing aids, & such other medical aids that help kids with specific challenges to overcome their physical & physiological limitations.
— improvement in research processes & greater reliability of research findings.
— good for refresher courses, etc.

But there are also some ethical issues presented by technology in education :
– plagiarism
– indiscriminate use of technology to the detriment of other skills
– anonymity & falsehoods
– getting homework done by others as in Y!A & many other such sites instead of thinking for oneself
– laziness on the part of both students & teachers – everything readymade, tailored, no originality or creativity
– not citing sources, giving due credit

Hope this provides ample sentences for your para ?
Have fun :-)

Thomas asks…

any educational technology in the classroom?

I need help trying to figure out any types of educational technology in the classroom besides computers.

Sitatara answers:

It would depend on what your teaching but many classrooms now use Skype, smart boards, DEPCOStudio, social media, etc.


If your interested in technology for a STEM incorporated education, check out

Chris asks…

What do you think of this scene, does it work?

What do you think of this scene? I know it’s nowhere near finished and the grammar needs work but overall? Any tips?
“Quieten down please.” Miss Cole said, probably for the third or fourth time.
No one took any notice of her, which was hardly surprising considering she couldn’t be heard above the racket.
“This is mad. By the time we have to hand in course work, we’ll be the only ones that have finished anything!” I said to Cara and Sarah.
“I know.” Cara replied. “Still, it’s their loss.”
“I feel sorry for Miss Cole though. She’s really not getting anywhere. She’s good at Art, just not at teaching.” Sarah said.
Suddenly a large dollop of paint flew across the room and landed on our desk, inches away from Cara’s painting.
“Hey, watch it!” Yelled Cara, turning around to see Justin and Luke grinning in our direction. “If you wreck my painting, you’re dead!”
Luke and Justin ignored her and carried on splashing paint everywhere. Cara shook her head and turned back to us.
“Honestly, are they really that bored that they have to chuck paint everywhere?” She said.
“I don’t even know why they’re doing Art GCSE. They obviously can’t care less about it.” I added.
“Well you know what Luke’s like, he probably just had a spare option. I don’t think he cares about anything here really.” Sarah said.
“And I bet Justin just copied Luke.” I replied.
Cara turned around to throw a disdainful look in their direction, which was obviously a bad idea because Luke raised his paint bottle at her, squeezing the tube. Cara screamed and ducked just in time and then paint went sailing over her head. As I was sitting on the other side of the table from Cara, almost directly behind her, I ducked too but it was too late. The paint went everywhere, spreading across my jumper and splashing over my hair.
“Look what you’ve done!” I shouted across the room at Luke and Justin, staring down at my paint splattered jumper in horror. “Look at the state of me!”
“You don’t look so bad to me.” Luke said with a snigger. I ignored the comment, too angry to notice really.
“What did you do that for?!” I exclaimed. “I’m covered in paint! I have to go home like this!”
“It was an accident.” Justin said, not looking sorry in the slightest. “We were aiming for Cara.”
“Well why were you aiming for her in the first place?!” I shouted.
“Alright, that’s enough.” Miss Cole stepped in. “Chelsea, why don’t you go to the toilets and see if you can get that paint off?”
“Fine.” I muttered, getting up and heading for the door.
“Now Luke, Justin, perhaps you’d like to explain yourselves?” I heard Miss Cole say as I left the room.
As I stormed down the corner I tried to wipe some of the paint of with my hands that didn’t help. The paint just ended up getting smeared everywhere. I was so busy looking down at my paint stained uniform that I nearly crashed into Kyle as he came out of the technology classroom on my right.
“Sorry.” I said in a tone that probably made Kyle think that I couldn’t care less.
“It’s alright.” He said, and then looked at me properly. “You’re covered in paint.”
“Yes thanks for telling me, I hadn’t noticed.” I snapped.
Kyle grinned. “So what happened?”
“Luke happened.” I said irritably. “He tried to squirt paint at Cara but she ducked and he ended up getting it all over me.”
Kyle’s face darkened. “Stupid idiot.”
“Anyway what are you doing out here?” I asked.
“Got sent out.” He said.
“What did you do this time?” I asked with a smile.
“I didn’t even do anything. All the teachers are just looking for an excuse to kick me out of class.”
I smiled again, not bothering to argue, even though I knew that what he said was unlikely to be true. “Have you ever thought that maybe if you tried harder they wouldn’t be able to find an excuse to send you out?”
“What’s the point? Not like school’s going to get me anywhere.”
“If you say so.” I said raising an eyebrow. “Anyway I’ve got to get this paint off. See you later.” As I walked off down the corridor towards the toilets I couldn’t help but grin. Although Kyle seemed to get on everyone else’s nerves, at least he’d cheered me up.

This isn’t the whole scene, only a part of it.
Danya Raquel-I’m a teenager and I’ve said that before. Not all teenagers talk like chavs or gangsters.

Sitatara answers:

“Quieten down please”

Who says “quieten”? Shouldn’t it be “Quiet down”?


“Honestly, are they really that bored that they have to chuck paint everywhere?” She said.
“I don’t even know why they’re doing Art GCSE. They obviously can’t care less about it.” I added.
“Well you know what Luke’s like, he probably just had a spare option. I don’t think he cares about anything here really.” Sarah said.
“And I bet Justin just copied Luke.” I replied.

This exchange is incredibly boring. All you’re doing is using the characters to “tell” exposition instead of “show”. There’s nothing happening, which will make readers bored.


Cara turned around to throw a disdainful look in their direction, which was obviously a bad idea because Luke raised his paint bottle at her, squeezing the tube. Cara screamed and ducked just in time and then paint went sailing over her head. As I was sitting on the other side of the table from Cara, almost directly behind her, I ducked too but it was too late. The paint went everywhere, spreading across my jumper and splashing over my hair.

Hehehe :)


I’d say cut down on unnecessary dialogue that doesn’t move the scene forward. Using characters to talk about exposition is usually very boring, unless one is saying something the other character doesn’t know.

Keep writing!

Maria asks…

Do you think children need to be taught in preparation for emerging technologies in the classroom?

The world is rapidly changing with technology. I am doing some research on building a classroom of the future. Do you think it should involve a wide range of technical equipment in order to prepare children for the emerging technologies? They are our next generation and who knows what technologies will be available in 10-15 years time. Any suggestions and viewpoints please?

Any suggestions maybe used for statistics in my research please indicate if this it ok with you, Thanks for your interest!

Sitatara answers:

I think there is a place in the classroom for students to learn about emerging technologies.It is a reality that the world is changing and it is becoming increasingly necessary to understand some technology in order to compete in an ever competitive job market.However I think we also need to keep a focus on a strong foundation for reading,writing and arithmetic as well.It helps to stimulate the mind when you actually pick up a pencil and paper and are able to do a math problem without a calculator.Reading has become a lost past time for those who want instant gratification.Many have forgotten that all learning is not in the classroom and it doesn’t always involve technology.Children learn from hands on experience.For example young children can learn a lot about the world around them simply by exploring their world.Take a child on a nature trail and most are curious about their discoveries and aska lot of questions.Children are curious naturally.I think we can have a combination of the real world and technology in and out of the classroom.Most discoveries were made by those people who were curious enough to think outside the box.

Ruth asks…

what are the Advantages /Disadvantages of Technology in the classroom?

im writting a paper need some help with brainstorming

Sitatara answers:

Pros and Cons of Computer Technology in the Classroom

Author: Kathleen Patrice Gulley

University: California State University, Sacramento

Course: Educational Leadership and Policy Studies EDLP 225 :: Advanced Seminar: Ethical Decision Making

Instructor: Dr. Rosemary Papalewis

Term: Spring 2003

The world is constantly changing and ways in which we function at home, work and school are also changing. The speed at which technology has developed plays a major role in these changes. From e-mail to on-line classes, computers are definitely influential in our lives, and can enhance the learning process in schools in various ways. With the increasing popularity of computer technology, it is essential for administrators to support and encourage computer technology in our education systems.

Computers are important in education because they force us to reconsider how people learn, how they are empowered, and what the nature of learning and useful information is. We cannot avoid the presence of computers in our schools because they are forcing educators to re-evaluate the very nature of what and how we teach. In 1998, the Office of Technology Assessment reported there were approximately 5.8 million computers in schools across United State’s or approximately one machine for every nine students (Provenzo, Brett, & McCloskey, 1999).

An advantage of having computer-assisted instruction in the classroom is that the computer can serve as a tutor. Teachers can only aid students in the learning process so far. Computers can assist teachers and act as a tutor for the students who are falling behind. A report entitled Computer Advantages: Tutoring Individuals, states “with computers as tutors, no student will be overwhelmed because he or she is missing fundamentals the computer will repeat material until each lesson has been sufficiently mastered” (Bennett, 1999, p. 3). Teachers do not have the time to repeat lessons over and over again. The writer believes it is important to give all students in the classroom the opportunity to adequately learn the lessons, and with computers acting as tutors they can.

One of the biggest problems in the world today is illiteracy. Each year thousands of students graduate from high school reading at the elementary school level, or not reading at all. Every student should have the opportunity to receive additional assistance when they need it. Teachers are doing the best they can with literacy issues in the classroom, and computers can reach the students that the teachers cannot. The article entitled “Computers as Tutors” discusses Annaben Thomas (Bennett, 1999) who was unable to read despite her years in the New York City school system. After leaving school, she was taught by tutors and had enrolled in library literacy programs and adult education classes trying to overcome her handicap. After doing everything she still had not learned to read, until she enrolled in a computer course program that taught her to read and write. Because of success stories like this it is crucial to support the use of computer technology in the classroom.

Although the advantages of having computer technology in classrooms outweigh the disadvantages, the writer can respect the concerns of the people who are against computer technology in the classroom. Many people argue the computer does all the work for the students, not allowing them the opportunity to digest what they have learned. Boyle (1998) argues that information technology “may actually be making us stupid.” (p. 618). He argues that the computer takes more of the thinking process out of students.

Many people who grew up in the pre-computer age worry that the use of computers will take the emotion and heart out of the classroom. Wehrle (1998) states “the pre-computer age generation envisions designing computer technologies that still take into account the emotional needs of the students” (p.5). Their main argument against computers in the classroom is that teachers need to take into account the importance of student emotions. They do not want the quick evolution of computer technology to interfere with the student’s need for human support that they receive from the teacher-based instruction. The implications of having computer technology in the schools are the belief that the computer will solve many of the problems that teachers cannot. These include helping students raise the standardized test scores, actually teaching students the basics such as reading and mathematics, and implying that the teachers have the skills and abilities needed to accurately aid students with their computer usage.

Education serves as a window through which our imagination and curiosity can take flight into the unknown and enhance our creativity, and the use of computer technology in education plays an enormous role in helping students to achieve their full development potential. Given the role that education plays in preparing students to go into the world, it seems clear that there should be a connection between the world and the classroom. Unless education reflects the world in which it exists, it has no relevance for the students.

In conclusion, the advantages discussed concerning computer technology in the classroom outweigh the disadvantages. Computer technology is a positive supplement to bridge the gap between education and the technological world in which we live. Computer-assisted technologies in schools offer students greater access to information, an eager motivation to learn, a jump-start on marketable job skills and an enhanced quality of class work.


Bennett, F. (1999). Computers as tutors: Solving the crisis in education.(p. 3). Sarasota, FL: Faben Inc. Publishers.

Boyle, F. T. (1998). IBM talking head’s, and our classrooms. College English, 55 (6), pp. 618-626.

Provenzo, E. F., Brett, A., & McCloskey, G. N. (1999). Computers, curriculum, and cultural change. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers.

Wehrle, R. (1998). Computers in education: The pros and the cons. Retrieved on February 18, 2003

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