David asks…

I have been taking Wellbutrin XL 300 for depression and anxiety but it doesn’t help my anxiety. Is it common?

I have been taking Wellbutrin XL 300 for the past 9months for depression, but I also suffer from anxiety. My doctor says that the Wellbutrin XL 300 should work for my anxiety but I do not believe it is working. She doesn’t want to prescripe me an anti-anxiety drug because she thinks the Wellbutrin should take care of the anxiety. Does anyone else still suffer from anxiety while taking Wellbutrin XL 300 and if so what should i do?


Wellbutrin has an OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) reduction component. I would have to guess your anxiety is repetitive thoughts.

I’m not knowledgeable on anti-anxiety meds. I do take Seroquel at night. It has the lovely distinction of being called an anti-psychotic. It’s prescribed for anxiety along with a host of other diagnoses.

Risperdal cut my anxiety when I took it on a backpack trip through Europe. I still take them as needed.

If you tell your doctor that you posited a question on the internet, they will sit-up very strait and very fast :) Then they will listen like their job depends on it, because it will. They can’t have their patients falling over dead because the patient didn’t get answers from the doc and went to the web instead. :)

George asks…

What is a good digital camera for under $300?

I currently have a very limited camera and I want a camera with decent image quality, optical zoom, and features for under $300. What would you recommend?


Get the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V, it has 16.2 MP Exmor R CMOS sensor, 16x Optical Zoom G Lens, shoots full HD 1080/60p videos and 3D stills and 3D Sweep Panorama mode. The features are amazing for the price, i’m sure you’d be pleased with your choice. Read this review to help you make a decision:


This is surely the best bang for the buck, check out the discount on here:


Mark asks…

What happens if I only eat 300-400 calories a day?

I am 16 years old and my depression is very bad at the moment. It means I am staying in bed all night and day, so I miss all meals. Then when I get up I don’t feel like eating. I’ve completely lost my appetite. I am already underweight, at 5’6 I am 95lbs. So how long could I survive on 300-400 calories a day?


You NEED 2000 calories a day just to stay alive, because things like breathing and heart beat need energy. So if you get less than this amount, your body will burn its energy stores (fat) to get what it needs. That’s why they’re there!

So, you eat 400 a day, your body burns of 1600 to get the basic amount it needs to keep you alive.

You will lose 1600 calories a day. You lose a lb of fat for every 3500 calories burnt. So in 3 days you will have dropped 1lb.

You say you only weigh 95lb. So do the math. 95 x3 = 285 days until you have burnt off all fat.

You will be dead long before those 285 days are over though…..

Sandra asks…

How to get 300$ in less than a week?

How do i get 300$ in less than a week to get my favorite game.But i cant ask my parents
i need my favorite video game, i cant ask my parents for 300$ and im 11 years old what do i do?


Invest time your future

video games are not going to get you money or anything in life

Steven asks…

Does the Prada store in soho have sneakers for 300 ?

im planning on buying pradas by next week and i wanna know if they have sneakers for $300 or less since im a 8 and i think there should be sneaker for less then 380 plus they have a big collection to choose from so please help cus i really wanna know before i go to pick them up , also people who actually shopped there before would be a big help thanks !


These shoes are $300.


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William asks…

How can you tell if a photo is 300 dpi? I clicked properties but it does not say.?

I am working on a cookbook and need photos that are 300 dpi resolution.


IF you are using Photoshop, there is a feature under the Image menu that allows you to re-size the image. In the window that comes up, the DPI of the image will be displayed. Most professional cameras by default save files with a 300 DPI setting … Some point and shoot cameras default is 120 DPI.

REMEMBER! Save the new resized file with a different name so you do not loose the original. Most publishers (book, magazine and other print media) ask for TIFF files. When you save them that way, you will find that they are HUGE. You will probably have to save them to a DVD to get all your photos to the publisher.

Linda asks…

Where can I get a butt stock cartridge holder which holds 300 win mag?

I’m looking for a black butt stock holder of good quality and that fits well on the butt stock of a Remington 700 police rifle. I will be putting 300 win mag shells in it, so i want something that will fit those in every little loop in it.

Anyone got a link to buy one of those? or personally have experience with a good one?


I got one from cheaperthandirt that really was cheaper than dirt and holds my 7mm remmag cartridges just fine, 9 of them I believe.


Steven asks…

How to save $300 in 3 months if my allowence is $20 per week?

my grandmother will give me $30 per month,how much and how should i save to get $300 in 3 months?
I am 14 years old.


So you’ll get 240,- out of your allowence + 90,- from your grandmother. You have 30,- to spend during the next 3 month.
Better find a job.

Laura asks…

What is the gauge setting for contact points on a 300 cid 6 Cly ford?

I tuned up my 75 F-250, 300 CID, 6 CLY Truck, except for changing the points, I don’t know what the points set on!


Ford six cylinder motors should have exactly .025 gap between new points and if you want to double check with a dwell meter, 37 – 42 dwell.

The cam lobes inside all points style distributors in six cylinder motors are shaped differently than distributor lobes in eight cylinder motors.

Michael asks…

Does any sd card work with the canon powershot elph 300 hs?

I want to buy a canon powershot elph 300 hs camera.but I don’t know what sd card I should get.I don’t want to buy a sd card then It doesent work with the camera.will any sd card work.or do I need a special sd card.


No… Despite the people that are going to shout at you that you need the fastest lexar or sandisk card anything class 6 will do very nicely.

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Mark asks…

What is the best laptop i can get for under £300?

Im looking for a good laptop for my birthday hopefully able to play Minecraft tehe and also decently fast overall I’ve only been given 300 pound budget so can u give me advice and maybe some links BTW I’m in UK so no American websites for delivery


With laptops at about £250 to £2200, you do have to understand you are towards the low end. Under £300 all appears about the same with pentium or Celeron CPUs and Intel integrated graphics or the equivalent in AMD. There is such similarities, just choose 4GB RAM models and the best CPU by this, and you get what you get. Http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu_list.php

Somewhat better starts at £320 as markdown from original £500:
Acer with AMD A6-3420M Quad Core Processor, HD 6520G graphics, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB HDD
adding: £310, I think is the same:

For gaming, see this:
Minecraft can play on Intel HD 3000, and this is between HD 3000 and HD 4000 of Intel integrated.
HD 6520G is well above the recommended requirement of Minecraft and can handle most games at low settings.

It takes closer to £400 to get HD 7670M, or NVidia GT 630M, or hybrid 7640G
These are all nice laptops for the price, but well above your price budget. By looking at the graphics in Notebookcheck, you can decide whether to raise your budget if that is possible.
I would try to avoid being below 300 pounds because usually the quality is low, and they are very basic laptops. Look around for a different a6-3420M laptop maybe.

Robert asks…

I am looking into buying a Remington Model 770 in 7mm Mag or .300 Mag, does anybody have one to give a review?

I am looking into buying a Remington Model 770 in 7mm Mag or .300 Mag, does anybody have one to give a review on? I like the looks of the new Model 770, but it is scarily cheaper than the older 700 models and wonder if the price reduction results in a “Bad Cheap Rifle” not worth saving the money on?


In my personal experience,I cannot recommend a model 770 to anyone. I sold mine after repeated attempts to get it to function properly. It is “scarily cheaper” for a reason. I had issues with the molded in receiver causing the bolt to jam. I finally had someone willing to buy it,knowing about the problems they have. Anyway,pay some more,and get a 700,which I still have in 30-06,and have had no problems with.

Charles asks…

What video card will perform well with 300 watts?

I need a video card that is able to connect to an HDTV and that will work with 300 watts. I’m not a hard core gamer, my most modern PC game is Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. However, I plan on purchasing Half-Life 2, Oblivion, and Tomb Raider: Anniversary very soon. I would like a video card that runs some of the more recent games at decent frame rates. I was thinking of a video card in the geforce 6 and 7 series. Here are my specs:

Pentium 4 3GHz, 1GB of Ram
PCI Express x16 Expansion slot (right now I use integrated graphics)
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, and 300-watt Power supply.


I would highly suggest you upgrade your power supply. 450 watts is roughly the bare minimum if you want a stable and decent gaming computer. Cards that can run Oblivion at decent frame rates and at low-medium settings need at least 450 watts.

Check the link below to choose the best card for your budget.
Once you have a card in mind, do research on its power requirements especially on the Amperage rating. Check your power supply if it meets the requirement (which i think it wont) if not then you need to purchase a new power supply that meets your video card requirement.

Sandy asks…

Did the movie 300 have any similarities to the war on Iraq?

Like when the Spartan council doesn’t want to go to war against the Persions, but Leonidas sends 300 of his best troops anyway. Then, they dont support him or want to send reinforcements. Sounds familiar?


This is what is meant by ‘art imitating life’. No doubt the filmmakers would like you to associate their Spartans v Persians plot with something that is somehow pertinent to the real world.

Alas, 300 is fiction. Highly racialized, totally historically inaccurate fiction. But I’m sure that the feelings of nationalist fervor that it may excite in some could help them sell a few more tickets.

Personally, I find the presentation of the entire film to be utterly racist. Scottish guy playing the Spartan hero? Persians as effeminate, screaming, pierced savages? Makes me think that Mel Gibson was involved somehow. Anyone else?

Steven asks…

Pound for Pound what is the best $300 hand held camcorder hard disk?

I am looking for a hand held camcorder hard disk around about $200 and $300 plus the best place to purchase it.


Sony dcr trv720

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Sharon asks…

How much would I charge for 300,000 banner impressions at $4 cpm?

How much would I charge for 300,000 banner impressions at $4 cpm?


Your question is confusing but I will try. Is cpm clicks per minute? If so your not running an impression campaign. Then, the $ sign confounds it. Supposing you mean impressions though and you have 300,0000 impressions I would suggest $30,000.

Lisa asks…

How long does it take to get to some place that’s 120/300 miles away from you?

If I’m going 70 mph on the highway how long does it take to get to some place that’s 120/300 miles away?


120 about 2hrs. Just under.
300 about 5hours possibly just under.

Paul asks…

Do you think 300 dollars a month is to much for boarding/leasing a horse?

I want to lease this amazing horse for 300 do u think that is to much?
I can also ride when ever I want to the only thing I need to do is clean his stall when I am there when I’m not the stable hands do everything. Also they cover the farrier’s cost and all other expenses.
The stable pays for the vet bill.


Sounds reasonable to me, that’s about what I’m paying for my horse to board at the stable he’s at. But the price depends on where you live to say whether it’s too much.

wow, with all the stuff that is included in the fee (farrier, vet) i think you’re getting a great deal.

John asks…

Whats the best Guitar I can buy for 300 dollars?

Ok, I’m just getting into playing guitar, what’s the best one I can buy for 300 dollars?


Electric or acoustic???

If your in the market for an acoustic guitar I would suggest one made by Ibenez. They generally make the best acoustic guitars in this price range. Yamaha’s are worth a look too.

If your looking for an electric guitar I would suggest something by Ephiphone, or possible *ahem* Squire… (I have never really been thrilled with thier products)
Ephiphone guitar’s are very nice for the price, I’m probably buying one soon…
If you are buying an electricguitar, remember to set aside some of that $300 for an amp… Both Crate,Fender and Marshall all make good amp’s. Crate’s have been on sale a lot recently, you can get a 15 watt one for under $70 sometimes even $60! I have a Crate 15w amp and am very pleased with it. I highly reccommmend one.

Go To either musiciansfriend.com or zzounds.com (zzounds tends to be cheaper) and sort from low to high, then scroll into the $280-$320 range. You will see some nice models to choose from.

Happy Hunting, oh and don’t forget to look at your local store, you can usually talk the price down with them…

Donald asks…

can I convert 60 observations 5 times each to a total of 300 observations?

I have 60 patients, each evaluated 5 times within 5 years. Can I analyze their data as if I have 300 patients buy restructuring my data? I’m asking this because the central tendencies are the same, but the t-test or my final model are different.


No, more number of observations only makes the result more precise.

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Richard asks…

What are some ska punk bands like the suicide machines, operation ivy, and the fad?

I already know most of them like catch 22, streetlight, bosstones, ocg, choking victim, ASOB. Looking for any suggestions that are relatively similar to these bands.


Leftöver Crack
Less Than Jake
Long Beach Dub Allstars
Reel Big Fish
Voodoo Glow Skulls

Helen asks…

In Canada, can I install a wind turbine power at my home as source of electricity (I live in a quiet neighbour?

I’m planning to cut my electricity and instead use wind turbine power, if not, what about solar power?

I just want to know the requirements & if I can install one to work effectively. i live in edmonton alberta

Btw, I have paid my mortgage and all remaining debts.


Call 311. And ask. They will refer you to the proper department. The only zoning I can think of is height- this is where cell phone towers and Radio Amateur antennas run into problems.

You may find solar more cost effective. Look up the netzero homes.

Ken asks…

How do I go a about starting a home based printing business in NYC?

I would like to know how to get a license to run a printing business in my home?

Where can I rent/buy a printer? I live in NYC. I really prefer to buy a new one.

Previously I use to run a printing business making invitations, Church Programs for order of services, Banners, Stickers, Business Cards, Resumes, Funeral Programs, Resturant Brochures, and etc from scratch using Create-A-Card and Print Master.

Now the problem that I’m having is that the printers I use to own couldn’t perfrom everything I needed it to.

Now I currently own a Lexmark Printer and one Dell 962 printer. And they still can’t perform the tasks I need it to do. It takes forever to print.

Now I want to upgrade to a BIG Printer that can handle all of these tasks at a snap of a finger.

Someone please help, I want to get my business up and running before January 08′.

Thank You!!


First, call 311 and ask them, what you need to open a
home-based business.

You probably need a license, as well as other requirements for a home-based business.

You can buy a printer at Staples, Union Square,
or P.C. Richard (across from Union Square Subway)

Michael asks…

What is the Probability of getting 4 aces in a row out of a full 6 deck pack are. 312 cards containing 24 aces?

It just because last night playing blackjack got 2 aces as starter cards, split them and got another 2 aces on both of them so 4 out of 4 of our first cards were aces out of a new shuffled deck, can anyone understand and figure out what the probability of doing that is out of 312 cards and 24 aces being there. Might be too hard/complicated i dunno.


24/312 * 23/311 * 22/310 * 21/309 =255024/9294695280= .00027438%

Kevin, that makes absolutly no sense.
After you draw the first ace, there are only 311 cards left, of which 23 are aces.
After the second ace, there are only 310 cards left, of which 22 are aces.
After the third ace, there are only 309 cards left, of which 21 are aces.

Nancy asks…

What are the five most dangerous sharks?

What are the five most dangerous sharks?


Great White Shark- 311 human attacks
Tiger Shark- 104 human attacks
Bull Shark- 69 human attacks
Grey Nurse Shark- 53 human attacks
Requiem Shark- 42 human attacks

They are responsible for the most attacks on humans, in that order (between the years of 1554-1997).

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Michael asks…

HDTV as a Monitor… DVI-I or S-video?

Out of the back of my video card I have 2 DVI-I ports and one S-Video port.

Video Card – http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130312

I have one S-Video to component (blue red green rca plugs) adapter on hand.

I also have a DVI-I to D-Sub cable.

Or I have a S-video cable.

I’ve also seen where they have DVI-I to HDMI cables out now.

The TV I got is a 37 inch 1080p Vizio VO37LF. From looking at the specs I can see that I could use any of those hookups to connect my computer to it…

TV – http://www.compusa.com/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4337312&SRCCODE=LSCMPUSA&cm_mmc_o=-ddCjC1bELltzywCjC-d2CjCdwwp&AffiliateID=YY3FLv090oQ-4VtFb6b2L5Hs5uPx0V0ISg

I’m planning to use it mostly for gaming and watching movies via DVD or Bluray drive in my computer or sometimes using a tv tuner card.

So my question is, what input/output combo would you use? Are they all the same? Or will one give me better results? Thanks!


A DVI-to-HDMI cable is the best way to connect your computer to that HDTV.

And no, the connections are NOT the same at all.

S-video is an old, old, old connection from the days of low-definition narrow-screen boob-tube TVs. NEVER use S-video if VGA or HDMI is available. S-video is garbage.

VGA is an analog signal, not as good as HDMI/DVI but is the next best option, because it separates the color data in the video signal into three separate lines, Red Green and Blue, for better image quality than S-video or composite.

HDMI / DVI is the best because it’s a digital signal. That’s what you should try first if the option is available to you.

Hope this helps.

Mandy asks…

Death Note on the Netflix Wii?

Okay, I added Death Note to the instant queue on Netflix, and It’s not playing. I erased all data of Netflix from the Wii and then re-downloaded it, still nothing. It says Play and Remove from Queue, like it’s a movie. It’s a show, with 37 episodes, so it should say pick another episode. but whenever I click play on it, it does nothing. I restarted my Wii several times, I removed and re-added it, I searched it, everything. It works just fine on the computer tho. So can someone help me? I can’t find anyone with the same problem.


It might be a laggy wifi signal. If it’s getting a weak signal then the movie won’t play.

Laura asks…

What brand of engine do I buy for Remote Nitro Gas Airplane?

I am buying an rc airplane for a good friend who LOVES them and has never had a gas powered one and would be sooo excited to get one on his B-day. I am wanting to buy this Ultimate BiPe 40 42″ Wing RC Remote Nitro Gas Airplane. But it I need to buy a few parts that do not come with it and I don’t know what engine to buy on ebay ’cause it doesn’t say exactly & I know nothing about OK here’s what it says I need. Or the specifications
Wing Span: 42in/1060mm
Wing Area: 37.3 sq dm/578 sq in
Flying Weight: 4.5 lbs/2050g
Length: 39.5in/1000mm
Engine Required: 2C 0.40; 4C 0.50 cu in
Radio Required: 4 Channels, 4 Servos
I would be greatful if one could explaine to me what engine I need, must it be a specific engine or brand, I see engines on ebay, but am confused, I know I’m rambling sorry. As for the radio? what kind and where I haven’t a clue it doesn’t say in the auction. & what on earth is a servo? THanks y’all whoever made it this far. :)


I would NOT recommend the Ultimate Bipe for a first gas plane, unless this person has a whole lot of flying experience. I would suggest a trainer.

The engine can be any brand. 2C = 2 cycle, 4C = 4 cycle. .40&.50 are engine sizes. (2 cycle engines are quite a bit cheaper than 4 cycle engines.

There are many different brands of radios. They ALL have to meet the same FCC regulations. 4 channel indicates that it has 4 separate control functions, (on THIS plane they are aileron, rudder, elevator, and throttle.) Servos are what actually operate the controls, and they are driven by the signals from the radio.

I suggest you do some research on various sights such as www.towerhobbies.com.

You will find that there are ‘trainer’ planes available that come complete with the radio, servos, and engine all in one package.
You can also find the ‘retail’ price of the Ultimate Bipe.

ALSO, you will find that they come is several different possible configurations such as RTF (ready to fly, and usually electric), ARF (almost ready to fly, electric and fuel), and Kits (which need to be built and covered before they can be flown.)

In MOST cases, I would NOT recommend Ebay for a purchase of this nature unless it is an Ebay ‘store’ sight, since you do not have experience in this field.

Paul asks…

A signal with an avarge power of 20dBm is accompanied?

A signal with an avarge power of 20dBm is accompanied by band-limited white noise over the frequency range 20KHz to 25 KHz. The power ensity of the noise is 3.2?W Hz^ -1. Estimate the signal-to-noise ratio of the signal.

Choose the closest option and pencil across the appropriate cell in row 12.

A- 3 dB ___________________ E- 27 dB
B- 20 dB __________________ F- 37 dB
C- 12 dB __________________ G- 8 dB
D- 17 dB __________________ H- 10 dB


32 microwatt/Hz in a 5kHz bandwidth gives 5*32 milliwatt power , about +22dBm so , assuming that the signal bandwidth is the same 5 kHz the signal to noise
would be -2dB — A

Betty asks…

For heavens’ sake! Help me to understand 1/f = 1/p + 1/p’ (thin lens equation)?

f is the lens’s focal distance
p is the distance between the object and the lens
p’ is the distance between the image and the lens

( it all is illustrated here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/76342179@N04/7336511596/in/photostream )


My book says that
•When (i/o) > 0
#1) If i and o have the same signal (plus, minus) the image is upright.
#2) If p and p’ have opposite signals: if the image is real, the object is virtual; if the image is virtual, the object is real.

•When (i/o) < 0
#1) If i and o have opposite signals the image is inverted.
#2) If p and p’ have the same signal: either both image and object are virtual, or both are real.

I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND the two #1 and #2 above. I think that in both cases ( (i/o)>0 and (i/o)<0 ) they say the same thing! If you compare both #1 or both #2 you'll see it too.

WHY DOES IT MATTER if (i/o) is greater or smaller than 0?

Any help truly appreciated.


Get a lens and try things out with it. Just a simple lens.
A spectacle lens will do or a magnifying glass. You’ll find out that to get an image the same size as the object the object distance and image distance from the lens are both the same and that’s equal to twice the focal length of the lens, so there’s a way to measure the focal length.
If both are twice, then the distance from the object to the image is four times the focal length so you measure that and divide by four and there’s the answer.
The image though is upside down, so it’s a real inverted image.
It all goes by geometry and ratios with image and object sizes and distances and focal lengths.

I/o can’t be less than 0 as a number. O is the Origin.
It’s the same or different signs, not signals, either pos or neg.
If you have a negative lens it can’t make real images that you can focus onto a card..
That’s a concave lens but it can still have a focal length.
Trouble is if you use positive numbers all the time for it you don’t get a proper answer so the focal length of a concave lens is called negative and when you use the negative sign as in normal math it works out just the same as for positive, convex, lenses.
There’s a standard convention in optics of using positive and negative signs for focal lengths and image distances and sizes.
That book you’ve got isn’t the easiest one to follow.

The usual convention is to use ‘u’ for object distance and ‘v’ for image distance
1/u + 1/v = 1/f
Or use ‘i’ and ‘o’ instead of the same letter with a mark, like ‘p’ and ‘p prime’ as you’ve written in the question, but ‘i’ and ‘o’ can get confused with 1 and 0 even using capitals so they aren’t great to use.
A lot of sites them them though.

Here are the positive and negative signs being used for a convex mirror which works the same as a lens for calculations and uses the same formula.

Here’s a worked example for a 2-lens system
Two converging lenses are placed 88.0 cm apart.
An object is placed 1.100 m to the left of the first lens, which has a focal length of 28.0 cm. The final image is located
16.0 cm to the right of the second lens.
(a) What is the focal length of the second lens?
(b) What is the total magnification?
First lens
1 / f = 1 /u + 1 / v
1 / 28 = 1 /110 + 1 / v
1 / v = 1 / 28 – 1 /1 110 = 0,03571 – 0.009091 = 0.02662
v = 37.57cm

Magnification = image distance / object distance
M = 37.57 /110 = 0.3414
Image is inverted and smaller than the object

Second lens

88 – 37.57 = 50.43cm = object distance for the 2nd lens .
Image distance is 16cm

1 / f = 1 / 50.43 + 1 / 16 = 0.01983 + 0.0625 = 0.08233
f = 12.15cm
Worst known input is to 3 sig fig so the answer cannot be better than that
F = 12.1cm

M = 16 / 50.43 = 0.3173
Final magnification = 0.3173 of 0.3414 = 0.108

a) 12.1 cm
b) 0.108
Image is the right way up (not inverted) and smaller than the object.

Check…put second lens FL into a calculator now we’ve got it and see if the image distance is as given…16cm..and magnification is OK
Calculator shows 15.918, close enough for a 3-figure input
Magnification = 0.1077 = 0.108 to 3 sig fig …it checks out
Show all working. Only use calculators for checking.

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Lisa asks…

stainless steel grades and its chemical compositions?

Stainless steel grades include some of these-304, 311, 406, 319, etc. I will like to know the chemical compositions especially their nickel and chrome contents


It’s all at the website shown below.

William asks…

Can the HP mini 311 play Heroes of Newerth?

I was about to get one and am wondering if it plays HON well (25+ fps)
Please tell me how good you can play, is it smooth…etc.
Thanks for the help.


Probably not. It’s not a gaming machine. If it was able to it would run slowly and would lag.

Mandy asks…

Do you like the band 311?

I love the band 311, my friends laugh at me all the time for it. Do you guys like them?


One of my favorite bands. There different then nickel back, and Lincoln park and all that crap. There not like other bands that fit in to one genre. There so much that goes into 311 rap metal reggae and more

Jenny asks…

Need Help With Archictecture Like Assignment on 311 South Wacker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

My class is going on an architectural tour in downtown Chicago and the building i was assigned to research is 311 South Wacker. We need building facts as well as a momento (tangible item) to pass around to the class of 40 people any ideas????



Mary asks…

Why do women trick themselves into thinking men like the “natural” look?

I’m a woman, but disagree with what the majority of women say, which is “men prefer a woman who doesn’t wear tons of makeup and a woman who is curvy” Bullsh*t. Men seem to be obsessed with “fake” women now days, the typical barbie look. Your stereotypical Essex girl for example.
Someone with a boob job or someone who wears chicken fillets in her bra to give herself cleavage is now concidered “curvy”




The question is at the top, in the question section. After this comes the description.
Lily, that made no sense. Re-read my question and description, where did I type in that I am obsessed with looks? I was talking about men being shallow, that’s the whole point.
Some good points made here, changing the way I think already :) One of my old friends changed, she used to be lovely. Now she is SO skinny and SO fake and guys are obsessed with her. Yet her personality sucks. WHY DO THEY LIKE THAT??
She also does drugs and gets drunk all the time yet the guys still keep lining up.
Cookie, you sound perfectly fine and healthy. That’s a great thing, not bad at all. I am just saying I hate it when girls the size of a twig are considered “curvy” when they clearly aren’t. They’re slim, or skinny. Not curvy. And a girl that wears more makeup than a clown is considered “sexy” or “beautiful” or “perfect”. NO. It drives me crazy. In this day and age the slim/skinny girls are known as “curvy” and the curvy girls are simply “fat” EVEN if they’re say 1 stone overweight. It’s ridiculous. Most guys (at least where I come from) don’t care about girls personalities anymore. Or they’ll decide their genuine girlfriend isn’t sexy enough and have to watch porn or talk to sIuts on the net to get satisfaction.


I like natural women

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Lizzie asks…

where can I fine information on Chrysler 300 performance?

I have just purchased a Chrysler 300 and would like to have some information concerning the performance and what other owners are saying.


Step 1 – type in your internet browser www.google.com (other search engines are available)
Step 2 – search for chrysler 300 forums
Step 3 – Click on a result

Steven asks…

Car deck in a 1985 mercedes 300 turbo diesel?

I was wondering what kind of audio decks can be put inside a merceds 300 td. Could sirius sat radio be installed in this car?


You can install pretty much any ICE unit you want ( I’ve seen a few different ones installed ). Sirius can be installed. Just buy an ICE unit which has the plug for an external plug-in and mound the Sirius receiver somewhere in the car where it can still be plugged in to the main radio easily. You can also use the built-in FM transmitter in the Sirius receiver to play through your main radio that way but that can be a pain when you’re travelling long distances and you need to find new FM signals all the time that do not interfere with the satellite reception.

James asks…

Do you actually have to have “children” for the tax reabte or just qualifying children to get the extra $300?

I claimed my two younger brothers on my tax reurn and of course I listed them as brothers. They qualified for the child tax credit and the EIC. Will I be able to get the additonal $300 per child on the tax rebate, or is that only for people who list dependents as their ACTUAL children?


It appears that you must have actual children.

Michael asks…

How much money should I put away to make up the 300 dollars?

I want to put away 300 dollars for food

I already put away 240

But used 47 of that

So how much more should I put away to make it so I put 300 dollars away.


240 – 47


Therefore you need 107 dollars.

Betty asks…

Does the Polaroid 300 Instant Film work in a Fujifilm Instax Mini?

I can find the polaroid film all over my city but none for fujifilm.
They look very similar.
So will the polaroid 300 film work in my instax mini?


No, it will not. You will however find film for your Fujifilm Instax Mini on both Amazon and eBay, if you can’t find it elsewhere. Amazon’s price is $16.40 for a Twin Pack.

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Robert asks…

Rate my Pokemon team?

Ok so I’m getting to the last few badges of Pokemon Heart Gold and I’m wondering how good my team is… ( i have a HM slave so… Dont worry if you dont see any HMs there – i just stuff it/ them in my team when needed) So can people please rate it? I just want to finish the game and see how the story lines turns out. ( I’m up to the Cianwood Gym)

Typhlosion Lv 37
Flame wheel
Lava Plume

Pidgeot Lv 38
Wing Attack
Quick Attack

Gyarados Lv 34
Dragon rage
Ice Fang

Quagsire Lv 36
Mud Bomb

Haunter ( Soon to be a Gengar) Lv 36
Shadow ball
Shadow claw
Shadow Punch

Ampharos Lv 37
Thunder punch

Should my Gyarados learn aqua tail? If it should, which move should it forget?

Should my Ampharos forget tackle and replace it with another move? If so, what move?

I really don’t know what to do with Pidgeot… He’s so useless; he doesn’t know any good flying type moves… Help???

Thanks so much to anyone who can help!!!


People are suggesting crazy moves that are impossible to get at your point in the game.
I think that your team is pretty strong, seeing that you are at Chuck…I am impressed with your levels that your Pokemon have!!
Here are some suggestions to improve your team, from where you are!

If you can, it’s just an option, if you can raise him 5 levels he can learn Flamethrower. Replace Tackle. Also, if you go to the Goldenrod Dept. Store, you can get the TM Fire Blast. I think you should keep that for now while you raise him to learn Flamethrower.

Yes, for now he’s not that much of use but wait until you beat Chuck if you didn’t already! Fly isn’t THAT bad, it’s pretty good. Wing Attack is also nice, good for finishing up a Pokemon. He is your flying Pokemon so you kinda have to keep him on your team. At level 44, he can learn Roost, level 50, he can learn Tailwind, Level 56 is Mirror Move, and level 62 he can learn Air Slash.

Yes he/she should learn Aqua Tail, raise him one more level to. Replace Bite. Raise him (as you are on your journey) to level 41 and he learns Hydro Pump. Remove Dragon Rage when he gets to that level, which will be as your traveling.

I really don’t see much use for him, as you already have your Water type. He is only useful for his Ground moves. He will learn Muddy Water at level 51, replace Slam.

Good thing that he will be a Gengar soon. While he’s a Haunter, keep him the way he is. When he reaches 44 and he still is a Haunter, he can learn Dark Pulse. Of course there are moves before that but make sure you remove some move to get Dark Pulse.

Get him to 42 to learn Signal Beam. Replace Tackle. Just keep his moves for now and wait until you get him to level 42.

Hope this helps :)

Linda asks…

Science question about weather??????????????

which of the following homespun weather predictions are true? pick as many as apply.

A. Your joints are more likely to ache before a rainstorm.

B. If leaves show thier undersides, rain is due.

C. You can tell the Temperature by listening to a cricket.

D A ring around the moon mean rain if the weather has been clear.

E. Ropes tighten up before a storm

F. Fish come to the surface before a storm.

G. “Singing” telephone wires signal a change in the weather.


My knowledge of these:

A. Barometric pressure drops before a storm so less pressure and therefore pressure on joints can be felt by some.

B. I think this is false – I have thunderboomers coming through and my leaves look normal.

C. Yes I heard this one on the weather channel – the number of chirps plus 37 gets you a pretty accurate temperature. Male crickets only.

D. It means ice crystals but not necessarily rain – see below.

E. I think it would relate to humidity and the rope type. A cotton rope can hold moisture and therefore swell and make the knots tighten. With twine I doubt there is a difference.

F/G. No idea.

William asks…

Know of any awesome metal bands?

Shout out your favs, I need something to listen to XD


Okay here’s my list from favorite to just okay…
1. Norma Jean
2. Glassjaw
3. As I Lay Dying
4. Children of Bodom
5. A Day To Remember
6. The Devil Wears Prada
7. Bring Me The Horizon
8. Cradle of Filth
9. Blindside
10. Blessthefall
11. All that remains
12. Alexisonfire
13. Atreyu
14. Drop, Dead, Gorgeous
15. Godsmack
16. From Autumn to Ashes
17. Hopes Die Last
18. In flames
19. It Dies Today
20. Misery Signals
21. Nonpoint
22. Pantera
23. Lamb of God
24. Sonic Syndicate
25. Scary Kids Scaring Kids
26. A Static Lullaby
27. Suicide Silence
28. Escape the Fate
29. Underoath
30. 40 Below Summer
31. Chimaira
32. Dead Poetic
33. Dethklok
34. Evergreen Terrace
35. System of a Down
36. Disturbed
37. Bullet for my Valentine
38. Sevendust
39. Avenged Sevenfold
Hope this helped!!!!

Charles asks…

Should I get this TV? Help please!?

I was wondering if I should get this TV, I will be using it for watchings movies (dvds) and gaming. I will not be watching any shows like with cable but I will use it mainly for gaming with games like Call of Duty. It is a Vizio 37” LED HDTV 1080p. I asked a friend and he said Vizio sucks and that I should get a Sony LED but it costs $500 more and I can only spend $500. So please check it out, my second option is a 42″ Vizio *LCD* same price but just bigger. But It might be a little too big for my room so yeah =P heeelpp.


Consider decent enough budget brand Products in super low prices., compare to Samsung / LG / Sony same range of LED TV.
Remember . 2 important issue to 32 inc and above screen >
motion blur can be easily noticeable from sports movies/ games – any fast moving image . That kind of blur make you eye uncomfortable. Standard 60 HZ refresh rate is really bad for sports movies/ games – any fast moving image . You need 120 HZ refresh rate to make smooth pictures / reduce motion blur .
Even go for Vizio 42 inc , please look for 120 HZ refresh rate models. You regret if you go for 60 HZ refresh rate models.
For PS3 / Xbox connect to TV even via HDMI cable, ” may ‘ have ” time delay “, – so call ” lag “, due to the signals transfer to TV is a little slow even via HDMI cable is not ” fast ” enough . That because of the TV designs – total quality in technical terms. This always happened from low prices / budget brand TV.
Is really not fair to said Vizio TV is bad , since Vizio brand maker – Taiwan ( China ) Amtrans Electronic
improved Vizio TV quality for all the new products 3 year ago. But because of the designs / parts select subject to ” budget ‘ , the total performance still a ” gap ” compare to Samsung / LG / Sony / Sharp – simply you paid for what you get.
to AVOID ” motion blur ” , from sports movies/ games – any fast moving image , 120 HZ refresh rate models is an MUST ( unless 26 inc and below screen )
to AVOID ” lag “. Time delay from PS/Xbox . Samsung / LG / Sony / Sharp LED TV always very safe .
You choice ! Advice to hold for few month- save another $ 150 to 200 + to own an Samsung / LG / Sony / Sharp 120 HZ 1080 P LED TV . Rather than ” regret ” or post another Question – how to improve my TV quality for games ? Even connect via HDMI to my PS/Xbox ?.

Jenny asks…

Comcast Cable Outage?

We live in the zip code 98409 area (Tacoma, WA) and Have Comcast BASIC cable and have only lost a few channels.

We did not loose all the channels only a few,

ch 8

I know that the 2009 change affects antenna only but i heard comcast can pull any of the channels from their basic cable if they are not local channels, well we did not lose any local channels here…..Is this outage Temporary or Permanent!

(If your wondering why i am asking here is that our cable was just “on” when we moved in and do not get billed for it..)
Just came back

but tell me, can they get rid of these channels from their basic analog service that are not local?


By my count you had/have approximately 72 analog cable channels on your local Comcast Basic Cable service of which 40 channels appear to have been discontinued leaving 32 channels remaining. The 32 channels that remain—roughly a little more than one-third of your Basic Cable channel lineup—are comprised of almost all “must carry” stations (with the exception of those marked with an asterisk, which are almost certainly “retransmission consent,” aka “retrans” or “may carry,” stations.)

As you have already experienced ANALOG retrans channels may be discontinued at Comcast’s discretion unless prohibited by the terms of a content provider’s individual retrans contract. A compromise agreement in September 2007 between the FCC and the cable industry, which resulted in a subsequent FCC ruling, requires cable operators to pass the LOCAL MUST CARRY stations to analog cable TV subscribers in analog form through 2012 or until each individual cable operator has taken sufficient action to provide their analog subscribers with the ability to view digital must carry stations without the need of a duplicate analog signal supplied by the cable provider.

Must-carry TV stations include qualified NON-PROFIT/NON-COMMERCIAL STATIONS, such as educational, municipal and (CPB) public broadcast stations, LOCAL COMMERCIAL TV STATIONS, and a limited number of other stations that qualify under statutory must-carry regulations. Retrans content is exempt from the FCC’s latest ruling regarding cable customers and the digital television transition though cable operators may voluntarily choose to provide some retrans stations in an analog format (if it’s in the cable provider’s best interest to do so and/or if the cable provider is willing to [continue to] pay for it; cable operators do not pay must-carry TV stations for content.)

Comcast Basic Cable Channel Lineup for 98409 Service Area


8 Discovery Channel

19 Hallmark Channel

32 ESPN2
33 Speed
34 Versus
35 Food Network
36 Travel Channel
37 History

39 ABC Family
40 Nickelodeon

42 Cartoon Network
43 Animal Planet
44 CNN
45 CNN Headline News
48 FOX News Channel
49 TruTV
50 Oxygen
51 Lifetime
52 A&E
53 FX
54 TNT
55 TBS
56 BET
57 Spike TV
58 USA Network
59 Sci-Fi
60 Comedy Central
61 CMT
62 VH1
63 MTV
64 MTV2
65 E! Entertainment
66 Bravo
67 AMC
69 Golf Channel

78 The Weather Channel


2 NWCN (Northwest Cable News)
6 KONG (KING5 Companion Channel)
10 KMYQ (MyNetworkTV)
11 KSTW (CW)
12 Government Access
15 ION (KWPX / ION Television)*
16 QVC*
17 HSN*
22 Government Access
23 TVW
26 Educational Access
27 UWTV (University of Washington TV)
28 College Vision
29 KUNS (Univision)
30 FSN Northwest
38 TLC*
41 Disney Channel*
75 Government Access
76 Local Access
77 Public Access

*(In all likelihood these channels are retransmission consent channels. If you would like to know which channels are “must carry” channels on your local Comcast cable TV service you should contact Comcast. Cable television service providers such as Comcast are required to maintain an up-to-date list of their must carry channels.)

Based on the list of discontinued analog channels you’ve provided you will very likely need to: (1) lease an addressable converter box from your cable TV provider or (2) purchase a (CableCARD equipped) digital TV or full-featured set-top DTV tuner containing an integrated ATSC-compatible QAM tuner if you wish to maintain access to all of the channels in your local Comcast Basic Cable service. It’s important to keep in mind that option (2) does not guarantee that you will be able to view scrambled or encrypted cable TV content. You may be required to lease an addressable converter box if you choose to stay with your current cable TV provider. Other alternatives include switching to a satellite television service provider or switching to terrestrial over-the-air (aka off-air) digital television.

You should also be aware that retrans contracts expire on a regular basis. If a cable operator (or a retrans content provider) chooses not to renew a given retrans contract the cable operator must/will discontinue carrying any channel (or channels) covered by that particular retrans contract. So there remains the possibility that the disappearance of one or more (analog) channels isn’t permanent but rather is simply the result of (temporary) non-renewal of several retrans contracts. That said however, with the disappearance of such a large number of channels I would be MUCH more inclined to suspect that Comcast simply chose to discontinue the majority of their duplicate analog retrans channels. It’s difficult to tell with any certainty considering you weren’t being billed by Comcast for cable service.

Before making any decisions regarding your television service I highly recommend that you contact Comcast first for more information. Otherwise you’ll likely be limited to the few remaining Basic Cable channels as long as you continue as is with Comcast.

######## RESOURCES ########

Digital TV Reception – Digital TV Facts

Cable Television and the Digital Transition

What happens to the analog cable TV after February 2009?

DTV in 2009 (Consumer Misconceptions?)

I am confused about the Feb. 2009 change…help, please?

Digital transition is very confusing to me?
(Note: a revised and corrected answer has been posted under the Comments section)

Communications Act of 1934: as amended by Telecom Act of 1996

Code of Federal Regulations
TITLE 47–Telecommunication

CHAPTER I–Federal Communications Commission
SUBCHAPTER C–Broadcast Radio Services

PART 76 – Multichannel Video and Cable Television Service

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John asks…

will i able to download skpy in nokia 311?

please tell me that i will b able to active skpy in nokia 311


Sorry frnd but your phone is not compatible…my mom also has this phn…and wanted to download skype but didn’t find…

Robert asks…

What do you do if you hit an animal on the side of the road and what number r u supposed to call if you see 1?

I had to shorten question up a bit. What do you do if you see an animal on the side of the road. I’ve been told you are supposed to call a number, but what do you say, what’s the number and how long do you have to stay on the phone with them?



Linda asks…

Is this a safe method for dual booting a pc?

Is there anything missing from this guide that I need to do? I want to install Fedora.

my system: HP Mini 311, 125GB free space on HDD, no optical drive, with partially broken Windows XP installation. No restore points, recovery disc or recovery partition is available. Thank you ahead of time.


This site is geared toward dual-booting with Ubuntu BUT much of the info is applicable with Linux distros in general – it’s a great site – he covers just about everything


Maria asks…

Are you listening to any music right now ?

If so, what ?

I’m listening to Two drops in the ocean by 311 :]


Yes, what ever this player is playing

Mary asks…

What do you think of my Female Joker outfit?

I went to a party last Saturday and got this e-mailed pic of me today. Take a look:


What say you?

Happy Halloween!

Oh, yeah…for some reason Tripod gets stingy when it comes to sharing its images with other websites. Try to cut & paste this: mnl_1221.tripod.com/femalejoker2008.jpg


I like the green spiky hair and the red scarf.
The first 2 links are broken

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